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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against 1349transdepot.com at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: 1349transdepot.com
  • Address:
  • City: Woodbridge Township
  • State: NJ
  • Phone: (267) 422 – 2660 , (732) 807 – 5999 , (203) 293 – 7367
  • Website: http://www.1349transdepot.com
  • Reported Loss: 2300 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against 1349transdepot.com published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


If anybody is reviewing this scam report then they should read the whole report because it will save you a lot of money, time and a lot of anguish and grief. You are reading this because one of 3 things has occured in your pursuit of finding a proper and not to costly transmission rebuild / major repair on your vehicle and you need this vehicle to come through. So it is  1) you talked to this con artist within the last 24 hours and you are checking reviews (or) 2) you talked to this (supposed to be) transmission repairman and had the car towed to his shop and are now getting a rediculously high priced transmission rebuild  repair bill ( much , much more than you were promised on the original and 1st call ) or 3) you paid a lot more than you imagined and are very upset and are looking for closure with the hopes that it may not be as bad you have been thinking. Here is how the scam works. This con man James Saroka he appears to be working solo from home in Bayport Long Island  and Monday to friday  runs a low priced ad for transmission rebuilds. The price varies from $1295.00 to 1349.00. This is the bait.(And you guessed right “To Good To Be True” ) Mr transmission conman then uses a potential victims desperation to have his/her car fixed at a low price with a fast turnaround time so you can get back to the daily grind of your life. . In your mind you are thinking “Please Be True “. (UNFORTUNATELY : the fine print says that price is for the STANDARD REBUILD and all other expensive parts will be extra money bringing the price up substantially the next day ) Mr Ripoff conman now will sweeten the deal with a free tow to his transmission shop ( More LIES : the tow is never free and he DOES NOT work there and he does not own or is associated with the shop ; except for referring them business) and he is always friendly and nice on the your 1st call to him with the promise of a really good outcome and you’ll be driving down the road with a big smile in 3 days : MORE LIES. The shop gives it to him for a discounted price ; WHY ???? we all ask ourselves the same question after we pay the inflated price. I’m sure they always need the business ?  It could be a bunch of reasons , that question is for another review. BUT  you will pay much more than the price the shop gives to him.  BUT the part that is disturbing is that he tells you it’s a standard rebuild , LIAR , when many times it is a USED transmission that is just being swapped out instead of the rebuild. It is cheaper for the shop.  This happens most of the time. The shops can get these used tranny’s at a low price. And the shop is not on the hook for this lie, you aren’t there customer you are the conmans customer. It is much cheaper to do a used transmission swap as opposed to a bebuild. AND you are paying a lot more money as well. This scam has been going on since at least 2013. I’ve seen compaints going back this far. The domain name of his internet ad , as well as the phone numbers are changed quite often to throw people as myself off his trail. BUT he ripped off the wrong guy and I am going to make sure the public is aware of his dishonesty and bad reputation. This guy is lying through the whole transaction ( bad ordeal is more like it )  and when the transmission starts to have problems you must search the internet for hours because the name and number is always changing and the number you used last time is not in service. He has MANYcomplaints on the internet. It appears that all his negative reviews have all gone unanswered.  Way to many to list. Search hard and you will find them. Here are domain names he has used in the past { tra10jr.com / jauto2018.com  / 1349trans.shop } Bad reviews with these domain names. He suppossedly lives in Bayport Long Island. A mechanic at one of the shops he uses says the ripoff kingpin is a opiod pill popper as well as a drunk. I never did actually see him but what comes to mind is a bald , pudgy , doughy slob with many bad habits and no family or  friends. He never tries to dispute these compaints and accusations and that points to his guilt. I am putting together a list of shops that I will post on another report. BEWARE this guy will cheat you out of your hard earned money in as fast as he can to get his next pill or cheap bottle of booze !!!!! It is terrible as to he will take advantage of just about anybody ; elderly persons , women struggling to keep their families together ; a mechanic said a few years ago he ripped off a lady who was deaf and all unware hard working people that just need to get there transmission fixed ( albeit an expensive one) done for their car and to get back to work to support their families. This creates an opportunity for the transmission ripoff kingpin to get you , a family member , a relative , a friend or neighbor to part ways with your hard earned money !!!! Now ask yourself this. ” Is this the type of sleazeball you would want to be helping you on a very expensive auto repair….. I THINK NOT !!!!  Beware he is absolutely no good.



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