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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against 1881.com Investments Kent Taylor at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: 1881.com Investments Kent Taylor
  • Address: Bull Run Circle
  • City: Austin
  • State: TX
  • Phone: 512-478-9999
  • Website: http://1881.com
  • Reported Loss: 10053 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against 1881.com Investments Kent Taylor published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


In September of 2016 I filled a complaint against this same company/person Mr Kent Taylor of 1881.com Investments.This a separate new complaint that revolves around the first complaint.I wanted this settled and Mr Taylor out of my life.Well it appears he doesn’t do his due diligence in making sure what he lists for sale is accurate according to court records.I traded off the first piece of property for something smaller and not that of what I really wanted with a partial refund. He listed this property as over half an acre.When I arrived in Brownwood, Texas to get property cleared to place a building, I found that the property backside had a slope.Which Means Taylor failed to yet again disclose in the sales listing. However I was set to make it work for me, but I had to make sure of the property layout from the county records office.Upon viewing their records I was devastated when I read that both lots combined only consisted of .32 acres and not at all close to the over half acre as described online.Mr Taylor had given measurements of property which does add up to .63 acres, however again his numbers are false and inaccurate.Again this is my second complaint against Mr Taylor and this time he’ll have to worry about what the judge will order him to pay.I’ve had enough with this person and his inaccurate, misleading sales ploys to sell land fast so he won’t be stuck with them before taxes are due.Which is another issue, he owes tax on this lot for the time frame he owned it, and he has only once supplied me with a interest paid year to date for 2014 on the first piece of property.Which makes me wonder if he even has claimed that income on his taxes for years of 2015 and soon to be 2016. He doesn’t disclose important information of property he sells and he won’t list accuracy of acres.He has no business selling or buying land. He has to be held accountable for his misleading ways.Rebuttal Box We (Dirtyscam.com) have Contacted both parties to resolve an issues amicably but Mr Kent Taylor replied “Remove from Mailing List” . Isn’t Pathetic ?At a same time we have asked Sherry to provide an evidence to make her complaint more reliable and trustworthy .Below is what Sherry Emailed Us .What kind of proof are you seeking.The first piece of property both my daughter and my self try 5 times typing in the latitude and longitude coordinates that was supplied to me and was not getting a hit.I don’t have the first two times of gas receipts from my trips to locate this first piece of land but I have every signal one after that. I have all my storage costs from payments made, I have my uhaul receipts, I have copies of Mr Taylor and my texting back and forth on my third trip after selling my home.I have the sales of my home for the lose I took on that to be able to move to the first piece of land, we as in my daughter and my self have screen shots of the land being listed even almost two years after I had been paying on it.On the second piece I trade I now have video clip, photos, more travel expenses, and still storage cost and this time I bought a trailer to move my things, but again upon arrival it was not as described, I have county records to back me on this piece of land as to the amount of land there really is compared to what he had listed online.Yes my daughter has taken and sent me screen shoots of that and all as well. She is saving it for me and I have it all on my phone cause without access to a printer that is all I have. I do have the original contract for the first piece of land and the deed for the second piece of land.I am currently in Brownwood Texas yet again to try and see if Legal Aid will assist me to taking Mr Taylor to court to get back what is rightfully mine and all the damage and hardship he has caused me. I am on disability, so that makes it even worse what he has done.So far he has not responded to the BBB that was sent to him nor the ripoff report unlike the first time he was all over it but now he just ain’t talking yet.I don’t know if I mentioned this in the original complaint but he only sent me one year of I guess ya would call it a 1099 for file with my taxes of interest I had paid in 2014, which was for the first year of paying on the first piece of property. He never sent me one for the 2015/2016 filing thought and I don’t think at this time he will even send one for this year.As for any proof of payment I can get my bank to do a search and pull every payment made to him with photo copies of the checks if I cant find them all. I had to put my belongings in a El Paso storage unit during the first trip. I paid for a one-way trip and was stuck.Is that the kind of proof ya are speaking of.Let me know.Respectfully, Ms Sherry Timmons Lantrip


1881.com Investments Kent Taylor

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