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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against A-1 Tractor at Scamity.com on 19-Sep-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: A-1 Tractor
  • Address: 2899 E Beverly Ave
  • City: Kingman
  • State: American Samoa
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 928.692.5444
  • Website:


Original Complaint against A-1 Tractor published at Scamity.com on 19-Sep-14 says, verbatim –

I rented a backhoe from A-1 the day it was delivered it died. i thought it was was low on fuel and next day i got 10 gal of disel it worked for a while and died. called company she send a repair crew and thy fouid a galon or so of water and dirt. it was not repaireable on the spot. so they left the machine and overnigt rear tire went flat. next day someone cam eand tried to fix the tire. no luck tire nad many repaired plugs and the rim was damaged deformed so it would not keep the pressure. New machine that was brought was working fine but at first glance you could see the rims on the machine ware bit up badly that made yo think how is the pressuer staying in the tire. worked less than hour and front tirle went flat. i had to go to town get big sockets for tire bolts and took tire to the shop . when thy seen tire thay were stoned . rubber was separating from the inside walls aroudn the rim and was not holding pressire. i took the tire to the A-1 and showed that to them . next few day just waiting. thy got the new tire but they did nto tell me that they have installed it so i wisted all day waiting for replacement. in the evening i found out that i had tire instolle d and i started working. no more that few minutes the next tire went flat. next morning i took tire off and went to the tire shop the rim as i mentioned befor was so damaged and it had tube in it . otherwise could not stay inflated. the vent in the tube was cut off and tire ahd few holes was usless. i took it to A-1 tractor place. and i expresssed my dissatisfaction . left the tire and i was told i will get another one. never got it. waisted 3 weeks for unfinished job, was lied that i will get new tire and i was blamed for damaging rims on both backhoes. these are construction machines and if they cannot withstand uneven groung they should not be called construction just toys. A-1 does hire junkies people with criminal record who do not care about what they do. Brook owner she just wans the machine to work at the time of delivery and than you be responsibel for repair. imAgine galon of water in the fuel tank and dirt. i had not finished my work and she never refunded my money. i lost 3 weeks for nothing gas for bringing her 2 tires and getting tools to take them off and 10 gal of disel for time i have not used machines |

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