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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against A Accurate Air Conditioning & Appliance Inc. at Scamity.com on 17-Apr-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: A Accurate Air Conditioning & Appliance Inc.
  • Address: 6680 Arthur St
  • City: Hollywood
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 954-986-0148
  • Website: http://www.aaccurateair.com/


Original Complaint against A Accurate Air Conditioning & Appliance Inc. published at Scamity.com on 17-Apr-15 says, verbatim –

This company is extremely unprofessional, not very knowledgeable, extremely unpunctual, rude and scam friendly.This Company went from installing an AC unit to fraudulently charging me for their faulty wiring and revoking my warranty with the old “we don’t have records of your purchase” line. Please don’t use this company if you value your money. | This company installed an AC unit about 6 months ago because my old one was leaking freon. They did a great job installing the unit and everything looked good until they tried to reinstall my old programmable thermostat. This is where i saw their true colors and ignorance shine through. This is also when i started to regret my decision to pick this company to install my unit. | It took them what felt like hours to install the thermostat and it truly became scary when they resorted to sending a guy to the outside unit to yell back and forth “is it working now? ” “how about now?” “how about now?” finally they manage to get it working. | This was the summer time and it was working fine during the hot summer time in florida. However, around january when it started to get truly cold i finally turned on the heater and noticed no hot air was coming out. The fan would just blow cold air and the poor cat was freezing all night. I immediately took the day off the next day and called the A/C company since judging by my experience during the install i believe that they did the wiring incorrectly. | A/C is not that complicated specially thermostats. Anyone can install their own thermostat if the wiring is done CORRECTLY before them. If you know what cable does what it’s extremely easy to install a thermostat i did it before with my programmable thermostat and it worked just fine. | lI could of probably fixed the wiring myself very easily but why should I? They are the ones that installed the thermostat incorrectly then they should fix it free of charge right? Well looks like this is too much to ask from this company. I called them and told them that i believe the wiring on the thermostat was done incorrectly and can they please send someone to fix it. They said they will send someone over free of charge “BUT” if it’s my thermostat or equipment they will have to charge me for the visit call and the labor. | Notice the emphasis on that word “BUT” this is the difference on a free warranty call and couple hundreds of dollars. I checked the thermostat made sure i listened for the clicks when i turned it on. The temperature was correct and it would click trying to turn on the heat. So i knew it was not the thermostat so i knew it was their faulty wiring. I took a picture of their wiring before they came. i said fine send someone over and They said they will send someone by 9:30 am which is great i’ll be back to my job by lunch time and i can keep working. | WRONG!! the technician did not show up till almost 12pm and this was after repeated calls trying to find out where this guy was at. Finally the technician shows up almost 2 hours late and starts to check the outside unit and the heat pump etc. everything works correctly and he immediately starts talking numbers. This is going to cost you 225 for the service call, labor and NEW BASIC thermostat. This is BEFORE he inspected the thermostat and it’s wiring which i constantly told him was the problem from the beginning. Finally i got him to check the wiring and he says look i’m going to prove the wiring is correct by bypassing your thermostat and jumping these two wires. | He tells me go stand by that vent and hot air will come out. I go there and same thing happens COLD air is coming out. I then immediately know that he is lying about the thermostat and my thermostat works fine. i told him look i’m not going to pay you 225 for you to install a new thermostat when this thermostat works fine. Just charge me for the service call and i’ll install a new thermostat. i know how to do it i did it myself with this one. If i install the same thermostat using the same wiring you have now and it should work fine and if it doesn’t i will know you were lying about the thermostat. | I got on the phone with the owner and i told him look i just want this fixed but if you aren’t going to do it i’ll do it myself and if i’m wrong i’ll call back and apologize. But if i’m right about the wiring i will call back and ask for a refund of the $110 service call and an apology. He started laughing and told me i will be calling back to apologize. I was really mad at this point | I went to the store and bought a brand new programmable thermostat for $70 dollars. DId i mention they wanted me to pay 115 for their BASIC thermostat that probably costed 25 bucks? anyways i drive home and install my brand new thermostat using the same wiring they used for the thermostat that was there before. take a new picture and guess what? my heater still blowing COLD air. SO now I KNOW is their faulty wiring. i call the tech not his boss because i dont want him to get in trouble. | I call him and tell him look i installed the new thermostat using your same wiring and is not working. I KNOW is your wiring and if you tell me how to fix it and give me a refund i wont make a big fuzz. He started throwing all this terms and stuff and got a little mad. didn’t tell me how to fix it and didn’t turn around to come back to fix it. i get paid hourly and i’m already extremely pissed because i already lost an entire day’s of pay because of this fraudulent company. | If the wiring is done incorrectly is extremely harder to install a new thermostat because if the red cable was put in blue or black the color coded system does not longer work and installing the thermostat is almost a guessing game. identifying the cables is a lot easier for a tech specially if he is the one that installed it. So this took me hours to do because the orange cable didn’t go into O like in the diagram. | i’m extremely pissed and i call the owner i told him it was the wiring not the thermostat and they need to come back an fix it. the guy starts to tell me i’m wrong and he is sending no one. As a matter of fact they don’t have records of me buying the unit from them so he can’t help me and hangs up on me. So not only they stole my $110 dollars he is now saying i have no warranty for this 6 month AC Unit!!. | After a little while i identify the problem . When they installed the AC unit there was a little cable uniting the W and the Y and it was never put back into place. I put the cable back and voila!! the HEAT and the COOL are working. I called the owner and i told them to send someone back to verify that the old thermostat is working just fine after i fixed their wiring. I also wanted a refund and an apology. The guy was extremely rude and started to throw out all these terms saying i had done it incorrectly.. I told him i had pictures of the wiring before, during the visit and after i fixed it proving his wiring is done incorrectly. He refused to refund me and told the tech to call me. The tech called me and screamed on the phone and hanged up on me for the second time!. | I’m not an ahole. I work for a living so i wanted to work this out. I gave this company plenty of opportunities to get this resolved. i’m only writing this review because they left me no other option. So now this guy is not only refusing to refund me my $110 dollars but says he has no records of me purchasing this unit so i’m guessing i have no warranty on this unit or labor. Please don’t use this company unless you want to get ripped off or end up without a warranty on your thousands of dollar purchase. |

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