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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against A-Affordable Home Appliance at Scamity.com on 21-Nov-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: A-Affordable Home Appliance
  • Address: 231 W. Dexter
  • City: Sherman
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 903-271-9278
  • Website:


Original Complaint against A-Affordable Home Appliance published at Scamity.com on 21-Nov-14 says, verbatim –

We are first-time customers of American Home Shield. We, recently, purchased a house and had a few problems with appliances. We requested three service requests fjrom AHS. The first two contractors called in a timely manner and were very professional. They completed work without any problems. | The third contractor, Rick Skipworth, (with A Affordable Home Appliance) came to our house to look at our broken appliance. He mentioned he had to order parts and when the parts requested arrived to his business, he would schedule another appointment to fix the appliance. “Wait for my call” he said, and exited the door. He left an invoice with his company name and address, including the $75 we paid him in cash. On the invoice he called the $75 a ‘trip charge’. | Close to the end of the month of October, we called his business number to inquire of the status of fixing our broken appliance. The contractor did not answer his phone and we left a message. He never returned our call. We also noticed a bad review about the contractor and in how he had not return phone calls, and did not show up to fix an appliance as an AHS contractor. This bad review was of great concern and we realised we would also be given such unprofessional treatment. There is also a second bad review about the contractor on ripoff.com. | We also spoke to an AHS associate about his failure to contact us to reschedule an appointment, etc., The associate mentioned that her records showed the contractor had placed an order for parts in October (almost a month after he looked at the broken appliance) and we should be hearing from him in about a week, as he should be receiving the part(s) from them. The contractor never called us nor did phone logs show a missed call from him. There were no voice messages on our phones from him. | About two to three weeks, after our conversation with the AHS associate, we called him on his cell phone (his business number) and this time, he answered the call. I explained our open request status and he mentioned he had ordered the part last month (Oct) and had been having problems with AHS. He mentioned he could fix the appliance on Friday afternoon. When I inquired about the time he expected to arrive, he would not provide me with a time. I waited all afternoon at home and he never called and Mr. Skipworth failed to show up as he said he would. | I called him late Friday afternoon and he answered his phone. He appeared to not remember our conversation and asked me what he had said to me. When I reiterated our last phone call, he said, “Oh, okay. What is your address and what was going on with the appliance?” I had to refresh his memory and he responded, “I can’t come right now, I’m still in Sherman.” He mentioned he could make it late in the evening but, quickly said, “I can come tomorrow or Monday.” I agreed to Monday. After our phone conversation, I realised I had enough of his ‘games’ and decided I did not want to wait around Monday afternoon for him (he still would not give me a time) and I do not wish to waste my time or his. Reflecting back on the no-show, and the bad reviews, I realised I do not wish to continue to work with this contractor. I do not want another afternoon’s wait to no avail! | It is unfortunate that AHS (American Home Shield) continues to contract their business through him when he has recent bad reviews postsed online (this year 2014) towards AHS customers. There are two bad reviews from AHS customers on Mr. Skipworth’s company, A Affordable Home Repair. |

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