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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against A.Auto Repair at Scamity.com on 03-May-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: A.Auto Repair
  • Address: 8504 Hillcroft
  • City: Houston
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 7134089502
  • Website:


Original Complaint against A.Auto Repair published at Scamity.com on 03-May-14 says, verbatim –

12/2/2013 – Went to A.Auto Repair why the repairs of Jaguar for my friend were not complete, at that time, David told me that the inusurance company had not given him enough money to replace it. I asked OK so this is the only hold up and he said yes – so what is the cost. David told me $950.00 and he would have the car ready by that Wednesday., which he did not. The excuse was that they had to order to starter from out of town. The following Monday it was delivered. The car was driven twice and then it would not start again. Now mine you the car had been in the shop to have the engine replaced and whatever was needed due to high water. We checked to make sure it was not the battery by replacing it and still it would not start. We also noticed that there were different fluids coming out from underneath. We called the shop and they told us to bring it in. On 1/07/2014, we brought it back to the shop and at that time Mike assured me that the car would be fixed and not to worry by Wednesday we would have the car. Same story second verse, when we went Saturday to pick it up, now supposedly they found out what was causing the problem to burn the starters, however it was not ready because again the starter had to be ordered. Mike made a comment that I found strange to say and that was if I was not an honest mechanic I would wire the starter and it would burn up again. On 1/13, we picked up the car and on the way home stopped at Walgreens to pick up medications, when we came out the car would not start. We called the tow service and had it delivered to another mechanic. The car was ready the next afternoon and we were charged $365. The car has run daily ever since with out a problem. I called David and he said that we were taken advantage by the other mechanic. I have pictures of the car and its leaking fluids as well as the testimony of the new mechanic. I am taking A. Auto Repair to court on 5/6/2014. He will have an attorney. I hope that all that I have will be sufficient from your reports. |

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