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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against A. D. E. Construction, Inc. at Scamity.com on 16-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: A. D. E. Construction, Inc.
  • Address: 4351 SW 25th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317
  • City: Fort Lauderdale
  • State: Afghanistan
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (754) 223-4103
  • Website: adeconstruction.net/


Original Complaint against A. D. E. Construction, Inc. published at Scamity.com on 16-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

A D E Construction Inc | I have experienced the most dramatic and painful headache of dealing with construction fraud first hand. ADE Construction is holding $5,500 advance money for no work performed. Scam artist Gregg Kohn, who also goes by John Muller and other names. Gregg Kohn on behalf of ADE took an initial deposit of 3,000, for remodeling of bathroom and kitchen. Shortly thereafter demanded an additional $2,500 for materials that were never even specified. When basic paperwork needed to file for permits took over three weeks to get signed by the GC was intrigued. I payed them a visit in their modest office in Broward County Notary Public Chelsea Kohn handed me the paperwork signed and notarized dated a day after she had been to my property as the” designer” of the company. Three weeks had passed since. Three weeks during which she kept saying the paperwork was not signed yet. She is a liar more than she is a designer. . They are not legit. I think she was casted to play two characters in this “Construction Impersonator Drama” She should not be in possession of a Notary Seal, she does not have the integrity needed. She should not design . She is rough like a truck driver and does not have the finesse needed. I did not like that lady. I knew something was rotten that day at their office. I then read learned about construction scams and ADE showed all the signs. Delays are calculated and frequent, Answers are ambiguous and phone calls not returned. I researched Gregg Kohn previous companies. Disaster! A background check revealed that Gregg Kohn had several dozens of construction fraud cases filed agains him He appears to have impersonated a contractor for over 20 years. Twenty years stealing. Somehow he is still not behind bars. Daughter/Designer/Notary Chelsea Kohn modifies dates of documents she notarizes where she should be modifying kitchens and baths. She belongs behind bars as well. Contractor Anthony Di Simone appeared to be shocked when I alerted him of who his associates were and what they were doing. Then continued filing permits for new “projects” several months after allegedly “learning” of the irregularities The scam works….next they ask for more and more money while no work is performed and when the owner stops releasing funds because there is no progress a lien is placed on the property for the balance of the contract. No job is ever finished. That is the testimony of the people that had hired Kohn before, under different company names. Notices of Commencement and Permits are used as legal weapons to fight homeowners trying to get any money back. Umbelievable To protect myself I stopped all permits before they were issued. Permits had been delayed as they seem to purposely make mistakes so Permits are rejected many times, Homeowners nightmare. I realized I had come across very skilled criminals and could not afford to take any chances. Money for all permits was lost as well. Sumarizing, I want my money back. There are no Permit,s no Notice of commencement and no work was ever performed. More importantly, the “contract” is invalid. There are no specifications or description of any kind. There is only an estimate handwritten by Mr Kohn , a scribble impossible to figure out. Still ADE refuses to refund the money. No shame! I have sued ADE for the total of the money withheld of $5,500.00. Mr Di Simone was alerted of what was going on. Di Simone personally processed multiple permits in Miami Beach Building Department for a long time after I had talked to him. He should be accountable. The Bureau should take the license and justice find Di Simone liable for losses caused to consumers. Someone should determined if this fraud went on under his watch while in oblivion or with his blessings. Either way, shame on Mr Di Simone. Wether lack of ability of ethics,, what a huge disappointment on ADE. I was so happy to remodel my little one bedroom with borrowed money! PS. It appears like Kohn has a new company: Accurate Remodel .accurateremodel.com

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