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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AAA Insurance at on 22-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: AAA Insurance
  • Address: 1000 AAA Drive
  • City: Heathrow
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1-800-222-4357
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AAA Insurance published at on 22-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

AAA Insurance- AKA Auto Guardian is one of the most deceptive dishonest companies I’ve ever deal with. EVER! | AAA Northern California is running a huge Ponzi scheme. | Over a decade ago, Without checking them out first, I made the huge mistake of buying insurance for my home and auto from AAA, as well as a dozen rentals, and for over a decade paid them thousands and thousands of dollars every month, and never had even ONE claim. But when I finally need them on snow damage to my home up in Tahoe a few years ago? They took almost two years to settle the claim! Took so long, with the typical stalling and stonewalling and jerking me around, lying, not answering calls or e-mails, and pushing me to use a shoddy contractor from Reno that would save them money…. | AAA jerked me around so long that I went through another winter and had even more damage to my home! The only way I could get them to finally settle was to threaten to sue them. | And what does your agent do during all this? The agent who told you what a great company they are whenhe sold the policy? He just looks the other way and pretends it’s an unusual case. | Bullshit! Talk to anyone who ever filed a claim with AAA and they will tell you the truth about this company. | Immediately after that fiasco I started looking for another carrier, but guess what, they blackball you and you can’t get regular insurance. You have to buy high risk if you’ve had a claim in the last 3 years. How dare you use your insurance! | Then last December I had a huge devastating theft, my truck broken into at a gunshow in Reno and my entire gun collection stolen. Worth about $60,000. Same thing right from the start. Stalling, stonewalling, jerking you around. Lying to you. Then they insited I talk with a private detective, then handed the claim off to a typical jerkoff corporate attorney, named David Zuuca, just one of their errand boys ass wipers, who tries to intimidate me and get me to drop the claim. I refused, I got right in the assholes face, challenged the asswipe coward to a little mutal combat out in his parking lot, I always wanted to kick an attorneys ass, and AAA denied the claim and cancelled my insurance. | No big deal, the truth was I was never insured anyway! With AAA insurance is a total illusion. Don’t fool yourself people, if you are with AAA, you have nothing but a worthless contract not worth the paper it’s written on. | Now I’m suing them for fraud. About time someone did! If you want to join my lawsuit let me know. | | AAA Insurance, AKA Auto Guardian, is running a massive statewide Ponzi scheme. Check the reviews. They sell you insurance, or road hazard protection, but the reality is they don’t pay a vast majority of their claims. With the homeowners insurance they mess with you untill you cave in and accept less, or just stall you forever. The truth is insurance companies make their real money on Wall Street. They put together a huge pool or YOUR MONEY and then invest it, so the longer they can stall claims the more money they make. All insurance companies do this but I asure you that AAA is the worst. Their policies are easy to sell because they have name recognition, but go online and Google them, the complaints are everywhere. | Several years ago AAA was busted and had to pay 1.3 million for the same thing they are doing now. They train their claims adjusters to single out claims they can mess with, you know like a little old lady living by herself with a leaky roof, or in the case of my gun theft just because there was no witness to the crime. Then they work backwards and try to build a case against you, make up excuses not to pay you, then challenge you to sue them. | I’ve talked to many two truck drivers in their huge road hazard division called Auto Guardian, and they tell me that AAA refuses to pay at least 75% of ALL road hazard claims! How do they get away with this? They take OUR MONEY and they go to Sacramento and bribe our legtislators to pass laws that give them free rein to do whatever the hell they want. | Tust me when I tell you that AAA Insurance company is not in the insurance business, they are just in the business of collecting montly premiums. Don’t be fooled like I was…. | YOU HAVE AAA INSURANCE? YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT INSURED!

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