Aamco Transmission AKA JRJ Enterprises Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Aamco Transmission AKA JRJ Enterprises at Scamity.com on 28-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Aamco Transmission AKA JRJ Enterprises
  • Address: 638 Medford Ave
  • City: Patchogue
  • State: Chile
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 631-758-2797
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Aamco Transmission AKA JRJ Enterprises published at Scamity.com on 28-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

In october of 2011, I Took my 99 dodge ram truck to aamco in Patchogue due to a no shift condition. The salesman named Tom told me it could be something small and that they had to open the transmission on the bench. | They took the tranmission out and told me in needed almost everything! they charged me $3072.09. I had to pay it. I had no choice. The truck was on the lift and my transmission. | To sweeten the deal, tom told me that he would throw in the rear main seal and upgrade to the high quality torque converter. | Jump to July 24, 2014. 2 !/2 years later, truck transission completley fails. Will not shift. I took it back to aamco, Luis ( new salesman) told me it needs complete overhaul. I told him you guys already rebuilt it. | He said the warrrantee is over and that I ould have to speak to Bobby,( the smooth talking Indian owner) adn hung up on me. ( after two ohone calls) | Bobby, the indian owner told me that he would only charge 70 dollars/ hour for labor instead of the usual 90. | I asked him how a transmission rebuild cannot last 20 thousand miles. which is the mileage on the truck since the last rebuild. He asked me how an American can by a 40 thousand dollar truck and only have a three year warrantee/ I asked him what was his point was. He said things happen. | I immediately took my truck home and planned to write to aamco. You cannot contact aamco, you will get diverted to the indepently owned shop. | Just as an aside, I purchased a brand new transmission from the dodge dealership for 2150.00 and 500 bucks to swap. with a 3 years warrantee. I urge everyone to investigate a cheaper newunit. | Never go to aamco.

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