Aboubacar Kalley a.k.a Abou/Abu Kalley (Gambia nationality) Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Aboubacar Kalley a.k.a Abou/Abu Kalley (Gambia nationality) at Scamity.com on 25-May-15.


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  • Name: Aboubacar Kalley a.k.a Abou/Abu Kalley (Gambia nationality)
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Original Complaint against Aboubacar Kalley a.k.a Abou/Abu Kalley (Gambia nationality) published at Scamity.com on 25-May-15 says, verbatim –

If you went to Towson University and was/and still is my friend in any way shape or form, chances are you know this individual called Aboubacar Kalley. He goes by the name Abou Kalley. Don’t be victimized by this guy. Take your time, and read (one by one) all of the below headlines and links of his dubious activities. This announcement is to prevent him (Abou) from ever victimizing anyone I consider a friend and for that matter, the GENERAL PUBLIC. | 1. Aboubacar Kalley stole my SUV 2006 Suzuki XL7 VIN: JS3TX92V364100053 and sold it to a friend of his in Gaithersburg MD from Congo by the name of Gilbert Tshimanga Mundela. | 2. He Aboubacar Kalley, then stole my Passports, United Nation’s Travelling Certificate, BlackBerry Storm Smart Phone and other very important and personal document he picked up from my Attorney’s office in Baltimore City. | 3. Guys, what I forgot to mention is this Abou guy also stole $18,000.00 from his first divorced former medical doctor wife by the name of Ada. His second former medical wife just divorced his a** and very important, HE IS INVOLVED IN SOME TYPE OF FRAUDULENT PRECIOUS METAL business in the CONGO in Africa and travels to these countries frequently (CHINA, JAPAN, SOUTH AFRICA, CONGO, LIBERIA etc) WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY. He is from GAMBIA and the FBI version of the Police over there in Gambia are looking for him so he is abandoned his own birth Country. Karleen Coly who used to work for this Abou guy was the one who told me the Gambia Police were searching for Abou and pointed me the an article on-line to read. I read the article and inform Asuquo about it and he read it too. The article about the Gambian Police looking for Abou was in reference to THE GAMBIA: EMBASSY CABLE ABOUT BOGUS CONGRESSMAN incident involving him Abou and Richard T. Hines and others posing as USA congress man. | Also, I strongly believe this Abou guy has something to do with Joshua’s death in Accra, Ghana. Joshua was a Ghanaian from the Northern Region who lived in Alexandria VA, in the USA. He was working for this Abou guy and according to both of them, through Joshua’s links in Nigeria, a governor of one of the Carolina’s secured a multi million dollar contract in Nigeria. The Nigerian government paid millions into the governor’s account as partial payment of which Abou was paid about $900,000.00. Even though it was through Joshua that this contract was secured by the governor and co, Joshua was side lined and did not get a penny. He Joshua sued in one of the Courts in VA before he decided to leave the USA back to Ghana. Abou called me one day after not speaking with him for years and asked me whether I remember Joshua, and after answering, he said Joshua was shot multiple times but his driver managed to escape the attack. Abou I believe was in Ghana around the same time frame Joshua got killed and had details of the killing. After he stole my belongings I put 1 and 2 together and concluded he had something to do with Joshua’s death. I even confronted him through text messages and he didn’t say a word and or denied it. Joshua’s spirit will haunt this dude until he perishes. There shall be no peace for the wicked and EVIL SHALL & WILL BEFALL THE EVIL DOERS. | I then started researching Aboubacar Kalley background and so far, have stumbled upon all of the below dubious activities of his. He is so far boasted through text messages I exchanged with him about these dubious activities and how he is managed to get away so far. Don’t be a VICTIM. | 1.Viewing cable 07BANJUL9, THE GAMBIA: EMBASSY CABLE ABOUT BOGUS CONGRESSMAN | http://wikileaks.org/cable/2007/01/07BANJUL9.html | “In another developments, this paper had been reliably informed about funds paid to one lobbyist Richard Hines by The Gambian leader amounting to $300,000.00. The said contract documents signed by Gambia’s ambassador to the United States Dudu Bammy Jagne is well circulated within and outside The Gambia. This paper gathered that the said contract between Jammeh and Hines will run for one year and was subject to renewal. The aim and objectives of such a contract according to our sources was to sell the battered image of The Gambia to the outside world-with the sole aim of attracting American and European investors into the impoverished West African country. | Our sources went on to reveal that Hines had hired Abu Kalley, a Gambian residing in the US to work hand in hand with him to realize such an advertorial project. Sources say Kalley was assigned with the responsibility of handling “the economic sector designed as African Affairs or Investment Department or whatever.” | According to state house and insiders at the Gambian embassy in Washington DC, Kalley is being paid $60,000.00 by Mr.Hines to jointly run the said advertorial business, which they signed with The Gambian government. This paper will report more on the said story in days to come, as we are privy of other scandalous revelations.”

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