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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against About The Children at Scamity.com on 25-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: About The Children
  • Address: 93 Castilian Dr,
  • City: Goleta
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 800-787-4981
  • Website: aboutthechildrenblog.com


Original Complaint against About The Children published at Scamity.com on 25-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

On April 14,2014 i did a internet search for pro bono lawyer services as well as questions involving legal matters such as custody,visatation and child support and ABOUT THE CHILDREN was on the list and i looked at the website,Curious,i left my email and phone number information.and one hour later a lady by the name ofTracey called me back,No Last name,and explained to me what the company ABOUT THE CHILDREN was about.They Help determined if you qualify for full custody or joint custody and they have a set rate for actual service such as sending out a court packet best suited for your needs,and if the cost is to high they see if you qualify for a “Hardship” and the cost is reduced.BUT You have to already have a pending court case and they require you to fill out an online questionaire first to see what packet best suits your personal legal situation.Then after filling out questionaire then you fax over your current documents,Wich i guess acts like a signature then allowing this company to move forward to handle the case.Well,I didnt do that.I already have Department of revnue on my child support case and just wanted the lawyers refferal services,part of this program to help me with legal questions.They said it was 24.99 per month,billed within 30 days!i Did fill out the questionaire online to create an account but i never faxed over any court documentation and i never authorized or signed for anything further.But i Guess because i verbally discussed what my goals with my case were,they went ahead and billed me according to my conversation without consent!But since they already had my credit card information for the consent to 24.99 they went ahead and billed me!! | I recieved 4 emails on april14th,2014,Two were welcome emails one was an email stating tracy was trying to reach me and the other was for the plan they suggested based on my online form i filled out!On April15th2014 i was already being billed for the 24.99 and called them back several times,finally hours laterTonya calls me back and tells me its impossible i was being billed already and i told her i was being billed 24r hrs later ,already processing in my bank account.So i called My bank immediately and told them what was going on.I called About the children back,again,they screen calls and someone random calls back an hour later with no last name,and i tell her im going to dispute this i want nothing to do with them and to cancel all of my info,im not interested!So on april15,2014 i get two more emails from about the children stating they cant move forward without my information,I call them back to reinform them that i will dispute this with bank if they keep giving me a hard time,i didnt submit the required info because im not interested! | So on April 15,2014 i see a charge for 98.00 and a charge for 200.00,The 200.00 charge happens to disappear when the bank was looking into it on the 15th,i had to go to the bank and get a new debit card so they no longer could access my acct.!But i was informed by the bank that the company still had an authorization code to bill me!Then on April16,2014 48 hrs later i finally got an email after having to make several calls to the company that my membership was cancelled and they only credited 24.99 and yes billed me the 200.00!So within 48hrs i spoke to 4 people,got 8 emails,billed 3 times,and had to make disputes through the bank and change my debit card!!HERE IS A LIST FOR YOUR INFORMATION JUST INCASE YOU RUN INTO THE SAME PROBLEM,tHESE ARE THE NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS OF WHO I DEALT WITH,(Tracy,[email protected],805-968-8257.)(Tonya-805-685-5844)(Natalie.805-685-1268,[email protected])(EricVineyard,[email protected])(Dawn,[email protected])Other numbers are,800-390-3293,805-845-7880,800-787-4981…I am so glad i was able to let everyone know and please be aware of these SCAMS Disquised as Help.Im glad rip off report provides this ability!I am currently still disputing the 98.00 and 200.00 charge.I had to write a letter and include the time lines as well as the emails! |

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