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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Abt Electronics at Scamity.com on 04-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Abt Electronics
  • Address: 1200 N. Milwaukee Ave.
  • City: Glenview
  • State: Benin
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 847.967.8830
  • Website: www.abt.com/


Original Complaint against Abt Electronics published at Scamity.com on 04-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

We spent approximatly $30,000 on high end appliances at Abt. We worked with Renee Karnes and her husband Andrew. Renee sold us a number of “floor models” . All appliances where installed about a 18 months ago and we started to use them 12 months ago. We had serious problems with these “floor models”. The Meile coffee maker ($2500) did not work. Abt refused to send anyone out without a charge. Meile did stand behind the product and fixed the coffee maker. Now the LG washing machine just leaked. we called Abt for help, again they refused to send anyone with out a $150 plus parts charge. The washing machine has a sticker on it from Abt saying it was inspected and in good working condition, not true. Don’t buy from these people they have terrible customer service. The reps that answer the phone don’t even bother to be nice. I really wonder if this LG washer “floor model ” was a floor model or a product returned to Abt and resold as a floor model. There where also problems with the dishwasher, it needed a new computer panel (no help from Abt, Meile took care of the problem), the Meile refridgerator did not work properly, again nothing form Abt, Meile replaced it. The BEST hood also broke after about 3-4 weeks. Called Abt, nothing, no help. Again BEST sent out a new hood. We called all the manufactures directly. Abt did not help or stand behind the items they sold. |

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