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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Academy Service Group, Inc. at on 12-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Academy Service Group, Inc.
  • Address: 105 Main St
  • City: Hackensack
  • State: New Jersey
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (800) 235-4393
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Academy Service Group, Inc. published at on 12-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

Veterans world wide maintenance is their own worse night mare. This is a company that has self destucted since their very existence. The question s where do I start. I worked for this company for a few months and its been hell. They dont have a real human resource department. In the state of New Jersey. Theirs a proper cerification that is required by law. The removal of time clocks in the office to hide your books is strictly prohibited. Discrimination based on race, creed , sexuality, warrants a full investigation, prohibiting people the right to earn an income is just in humane. Alteration to your accounts payble records is totally againt the law and if prosecuted is automatic jail time and subject to fines. This was the only maintenance facilty company I knew that had not only no real maintenance crew but they were licensed. So when they went to outside providers to do their work they forced them to put the company name on the certificate of insurance which made the licensed in that state or city they operated in. | If they werent licensed they couldnt get paid by their clients. | Employee horror story: | First they fired a young lady for working hard, coming to work every day, working over 80 hours per week and being reliable. Sounds crazy huh. Well it’s true. She was their everyhing. Now when you put that much time into a company. Something is going to suffer. Her life did. She worked so hard she got to barley see here young son. With that being said. When her son got sick, and child services were threatening to take this poor girls cjild away. She requested time off. The company who uses people and then abuses them when they are done was furious. They threatened her and said we can careless about your life.If you take thise time off they cannot say ifher postion will be available when she returns. The young lady was foced to quit and denied her unemployment. Wow who does that to a single mother tyring to make ends meat for her family. She never signed termination papers | 2nd they fired a guy for speaking up for himself. He was a bit opionated but nothing crazy. The man was the type of guy to give you blood, sweat, and tears.He worked hard, did what he asked and went above and beyond the call of duty. He was asked to do this after hours which is the companies way of making their employees do more work for tax free money. Their over time becomes a tax write off. It’s also mandatory to do this if not you will be thratened. The guy said he cant do it no more because he wanted a life. Now the labor laws says 40 hours and anything over 40 hours would be at time and a half. theys guys and girls would work 40 hours, come in at 8am and leave at times 7pm or 8pm. They had no over time. The omnly way they got paid extra overtime is when they after hours came along which was for only $250. So they were responsible for like 200 hours for only $250 extra dollars. Is that even legal. Long stior short he was terminated and thrown out the office and was told to leave immediately or they would call the authorities. He didnt do anything but asked why her was being terminated and they never had him sign paper work. | 3rd their was a guy that had a death in the family. He was a good guy and very hard working. He was the type of guy that would help everyone. He was going through alot due to his family crisis. I mean have you lost a parent. They added so much pressure to this guy that he eventaully lost it. I mean he did after hours, come in early, stay late, picked up the work load for other people etc. This guy was threatened, verbally abused, called all types of racial slurs behind his back and was even joked upon to his face. I can tell he was uncomfortable but he dealt with it. When his father passed away he left and then never came back. He confided in me that hge couldnt take it anymore. He ws stressed out and suffered from high blood pressure and ws sickly in the office due to stress. He also sated since heart disease ran in his family he didnt want the job to be the death of him since he was a father and took care of his son. I understood completely. | Management which I was: | We are all under a company oath. Long story short, do what your told, your imput really doesnt matter. Make it look good for the employees. Work hard and you will be rewarded if not you will be terminated and proscecuted. The nightmare started when employess started dropping like flies. The company was being investigated by the Labor board, contacted by the Nj state attorney general, Losing clients left and right. Now the company blamed employees of sabotaging and attempt to defame their character. Which was hysterical. Employees were blame. 2 in particular were like public enemy #1. They were suing former employees. Employees dont bring down businesses. Bad business brings down business. Anyhwo, they found out those employees they hated were working for another company. They had me disquise my voice and say they wmay have hired criminals and thatthey should inquire. When that company followed up. They were informed that they would be sued for hiring employees under a non compete form that was allgedly signed. That non sompete form was a was the company can manipulate their employees and then black ball them from working in that field. | Everyone in the office was warned if anyone had any contact or even seen associating with those people they would be terminated and prosecuted. The employees were due a raise and the company blamed former employees for the company not being able to finacially compensate. After the Labor board investigation and they were found guilty. The company decided to remove the time clocks and have all employees to sign paper work on a time sheet like a temp job. No more back trail. Then the company did a sweep and fired the whole office including myself. Then denied all of our unemployment and stated we all violated company policies. | This company never paid their bills unless it was an extreme situation or forced too, forced people in a position in desparation, would find wasy to not pay people who demanded money after service, love to give people the run around, altered paper work all the time. They forced employees to forge signatures, altered invoices, markup pricing like the sky was the limit. The companies they did business with for such Ruby Tuesday, Emcor, Burberry, H&R Block, Apple and so forth. These companes have no idea who they are partnered up with. |

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