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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Acclaimed Movers & Storage at on 12-Sep-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Acclaimed Movers & Storage
  • Address: 12204 Sherman Way Blvd.
  • City: North Hollywood
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 888-668-3703
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Acclaimed Movers & Storage published at on 12-Sep-14 says, verbatim –

Our 8/23 commit finally arrived after 8 days of sleeping on the floor in our new home, EVERYONE in this company are dishonest lying thieves ! I ended up with a customer service person that everyone referred me to, explained how I was extorted an additional 1000.00 after my entire home was loaded and how we were guaranteed a 8/23 delivery and how the moving coach AKA extortion expert had me sign like 10 different pages which all confirmed my delivery date and cost and then when they showed up to pack the truck the following day he tells me on arrival that the office lost all the original forms and could I sign a new (blank) set, that’s where my biggest mistake took place as after having my home hostage he fills in the forms saying that the estimator underestimated the cubic feet and you owe us 1000.00 more…..She went on and acted so concerned about all this and says I’m pulling all your paperwork and getting to the bottom of this and to this day have never heard back from her even after multiple voice mails left by me….. | The price and delivery date were guaranteed by the agent Gina more than once every time we called to find out when our things would be here we were told it will be checked on and we’ll call you back no one ever did so EVERYONE I have ever spoke to at this company is in on the scam…. | We received a call from a driver the day before telling us he would be here the next day on 9/2, he showed up in a rental truck with an Oregon license plate which I questioned right away then it became clear his company based in Vancouver Wash. Cherished Moving Has things worked out with Acclaimed movers where if they are moving a family from Washington or Oregon to California they will pick up from storage what is coming this way, this guy says he goes proximately every 2 weeks so Acclaimed knew ahead that they could not meet the 8/23 commit yet sold me on it any way and how does it go up EXACTLY 1000.00 once loaded when we called Gina back after giving our deposit to tell her that we decided to not bring any of our living room furniture nor our refrigerator or stove all big bulky items. The horror continues, I paid 2600.00 more dollars for a full pack as the week has gone on after delivery we have discovered countless broken items from one or the other shippers I’m assuming Acclaimed as when we unpacked nothing was pack properly even an irreplaceable quilt chest made of oak and glass top front and sides that they guaranteed us they would pack it securely they never took any of our quilts out of it and it was full they loaded it upright on its side against our wishes one sides and the fronts glass and the domed glass lid were broken and the frame on one corner and been broke apart upon delivery box after box after box broken items they didn’t bag or wrap anything from the kitchen we had full boxes of dry goods with the entire contents covered in flour and other items boxes that had liquids that they said in writing could not be packed were packed without wrapping and the boxes arrived with wet bottoms and everything inside soaked in whatever broke inside…picture glass fronts were broken when opened there are way to many things to list these people should not be in business they are a horror story and it saddens me to think they are doing this to people daily…..

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