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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Accountable Solutions at on 30-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Accountable Solutions
  • Address: 3151 Airway Ave, Ste F-109
  • City: Costa Mesa
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 866.282.3127
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Accountable Solutions published at on 30-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

Dear Fellow Tax Payer, | I found myself in need of tax services as I hadn’t filed in 10 years. I have a tax lien for $400,000. I have a great “story” to go with my delay in filing, but for purposes of this complaint it’ll add no value. So, let me get to the point. I was referred to Tom Bass, owner of Accountable Solutions. I called and scheduled an appointment to meet Tom with his secretary. When I called to confirm my appointment, she said that Tom had passed me off to Joe Triglia. I asked to please reschedule me with Tom. I received an email from Elle Coyle confirming my appt with Tom. When I came in for my appt – they had Joe Triglia scheduled to meet with me – so I gave in and took the meeting. | We talked about my issue for an hour – he told me what I needed to get him and that they charge a deposit of $350 and that they charge $350 for returns in general. I explained that some of the returns would require little or no effort as we didn’t make money – he said that he’d work with me on the cost for the easy to file years. | I got him all of our tax papers and paid the $350 after signing there agreement for services that said in part… “You have agreed to engage our services with an initial retainer of $350. This payment will be used to pay the following associates at their noted hourly rates are; partners $175, associates $125; and clerks $75 per hour. All rates are subject to periodic adjustment. When the retainer on hand falls below $250, we shall bill you an additional retainer of $250. If we are not paid within 30 days of the billing date, we reserve the right to cease all work and/or terminate our services.” | We signed and agreed to the above agreement in the beginning of July, 2014. I did not hear a word from them at all for 2 1/2 months after that. | I called in the middle of Sept 2014 to say that I just had my checking account levied by the CA Franchise Tax Board and was told by Joe Triglia that he was almost finished and that he’d have them by the end of the week, Sept 19th… I said really, all of them? He said yes, I said that CA Franchise Tax Board said that I had to file 2013 to release the lien. I told Joe this and he again said that he’d have it by the end of the week. I asked if I needed to do anything else or get them anythiing, he said no. I did not get them – Joe told me that he’d have them to me by the end of the next week, Sept 26th. Still nothing… | Now it’s Oct 15th, 2014 and I get an email from Elle Coyle in the afternoon stating that my 2013 return is ready and that I need to give them $400 that day to file the return on time – and that if I didn’t pay right then they would not send the return and i would be responsible for for the late fees and penalties… and the kicker is – on a 58k year of 1099 income with 3 kids and a wife at home they tell me also that I owe $4,500 – the guy literally entered the return took little or no deductions and spit out a no effort job! So much for their contract where they have to bill me once we get below $350. So much for trying to reduce the cost for these easy returns. So much for Joe’s word at all. | UPDATE – Took my returns to a legit company, she actually did my 2013 while I sat and talked about the issues and then prepared a second return that caused the lien to begin with – I was only there 2 hours – I got two returns done and paid $125 each – and for the new kicker, she turned my owing $4,500 to getting back $4! No “retainer fees” or what ever they decide to call it.. | There’s real professionals out there – this firm is NOT that! They are a slick talking, no action company who’ll happily take your money. Don’t trust them to solve your problems. They had my files for 3 months and did nothing, the tax person I ended with completed two returns before I left her office. If you want my tax persons name, send an email, she’s in Whittier, CA.

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