Ace Buyers Eugene Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Ace Buyers Eugene at on 28-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Ace Buyers Eugene
  • Address: 195 South 14th St.
  • City: Springfield
  • State: Oregon
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 541-988-0488
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Ace Buyers Eugene published at on 28-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

The report is real simple …I needed some quick cash so I pawned my AR15 and about 1,000 rounds of .223 ammo. When the loan came due I paid all of the interest and fees and renewed it for another term. When the new loan was coming due I received a call from the loan sharks err pawn shop asking me what my intention was for the loan …I said that I would be down to pay it off within a few days and then verified that I was in the 30 day grace period that comes with a pawn loan and she said “Let me take a look…yes you are still in the grace period for another 3 weeks …I said fine and the next week I went in there to pay it off and get my property back and a big fat guy named Craig who had originally done the loan shuffled over with a sort of hang dog face and said that the loan had come due on the 5th and the property was theirs now …and I said WTF? I was in the 30 grace period and he said öh well she shouldn’t have told you that because we don’t give 30 day grace periods on renewals …and I said “since when?” | Anyway we went back and forth and then he went over to a sawed off little mouth breather named Troy and they chatted it up for a second and he shuffled back over and told me that Troy had already sold alot of my ammo (BTW this happened right after Obama announced the end of producing .223 ammo and naturally the prices had gone straight up) …not only that but Troy had already sold 5 of my magazines and parts off of my gun…then the short little F&%$k had the nerve to try to sell me all of my prtoperty that was left at full boat retail prices. I offered to pay then the extra interest for the 9 days I was in the grace period and he said no…I eventually got my gun back for the amount of the loan but only after I called Craig and Co. thieves and liars etc. which they are. | At one point Craig said to me Ï’m starting to get pissed off” lol I laughed out loud and told him that if he was looking for someone he could lie to and steal from then he had the wrong guy … long story short I started posting my experiences with this store and started running in to alot of other people they have defrauded using similar tactics and have filed a formal complaint with the state of Oregon Attorney Generals office as well as the licensing board for these theives…I mean for Pawn Brokers. There is a movement underway in Oregon to throw them all out and shut them down like they did the title loan businesses in this state and I will be at every hearing recounting this experience with ACE BUYERS WITH 3 LOCATIONS IN OREGON …EUGENE, SPRINGFIELD AND ALBANY. | My short term set back will end up costing me about 450 to replace what they stole and there is no question that when people read the reviews of this crowd of crooks and liars that they will lose some business and lose profits far exceeding anything they stole from me. When charging people over 110% interest on loans isn’t enough and you have to resort to theft then its time to hang it up or for the state to shut you down |

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