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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Ace Chem-Dry Joanne Anton at on 27-Sep-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Ace Chem-Dry Joanne Anton
  • Address: 10109 Cobblestone Creek Dr
  • City: Boynton Beach
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 561.738.5020
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Ace Chem-Dry Joanne Anton published at on 27-Sep-14 says, verbatim –

I am filing a complaint against Ace Chem Dry which is owned by Joanne Anton and her company for the damage of my chaise and sofa.We have previously used this company several times and a technician named Licho who used to clean our off white carpet and chaise,and sofa.We have them cleaned about every year with Ace Chem-Dry and we have had no complaints ever when they were done with Licho with Ace Chem-Dry. | However on Aug 19th 2014 we had a new technician with Ace Chem-Dry and the carpet and sofa and chaise usually dry within five hours. The cushion also used to be left standing up. By the morning of the 20th of Aug, I told my husband the sofa and chaise were still wet in the morning and had white bleached out areas on the inside and out side of the chaise and sofa and were still wet. There were rust wet stains inside and out of the arms and deck of the chaise and sofa also. | The sofa was discolored with white and dark large spots on the outside of the sofa and chaise and stains on the deck. Rust water marks were in various sections all over the chaise and sofa. | I called Joanne the owner on the morning of Aug 20th and told her the sofas were still very wet and that they had all these stains and discoloration all over both pieces. I asked her to come out but she said no and she sent Andrew the technician to look at them on Aug. 21st. I had him call her from the house to tell her what the sofa and chaise looked like and both he and I took pictures. We both agreed they were damaged. She asked we be patient that she was going to get a special solution to rectify the problem but it would take a week to get the solution. Andrew agreed there were serious problems. Unlike the past use of the company, I had solution running off the back of my chair when he cleaned it and he was walking in all the wet solution around the sofa and chaise and the marble floor got stepped in and stained. | I spoke to Joanne the owner on Aug 26th 2014 as she still hadn’t come out to see the damage and my husband and I couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t want to.After waiting a week for the special solution, the technician could’t even finish one sofa as he did not have enough solution. We couldn’t get a hold of Joanne for over an hour and he left my house. My husband and I saw areas that became worse from the solution. We couldn’t believe after waiting a week Andrew couldn’t even finish doing the sofa as he did not have enough solution. We tried for an hour to call Joanne and we could only get a recoding no matter which number we called. | Joanne the owner finally came out on Friday the 29th of Aug. She agreed they were a mess and she wanted her upholster to look at the pieces and see what he could do with the ruined fabric. I said recovering them was the only thing, or call her insurance company. She said her insurance company gives her a hard time and rather not use them. She called me on Sept. 2nd 2014 and said she couldn’t get her upholster. I told her it was up to her to send her insurance company out and if she wished or her upholster.However I expected this to be resolved rapidly. She said no problem. | I tried helping her out to look for similar fabric. However the sofa and chaise from Interior Raft at wholesale were $2149 and $2113 and the fabric at cost was $40.00 a yard and 40 yards are needed. | When I called Ace Chem-Dry on Friday Sept 5th no one answered all day and I left a message. It is her obligation to resolve this matter ASAP. Ace Chem-Dry is supposed to be a reputable company which I have used before. | Now I am at the mercy of Ace Chem-Dry and ruined furniture and no phone calls. | Last time I spoke with Joanne was Sept 2nd 2014 and she said she couldn’t get a hold of her upholster. She called on Sept 10th to say she was sending someone to rectify the situation. She hesitated to give me the name but I needed it for the gate and phone number.It is Kevin Anton from Dry Innovation, who she was sending and it turned out to be her ex husband. When I didn’t hear from him I left a message and said Friday Sept 12th was good or Tuesday the 16th. He left emails saying Tues the16th would be fine and confirmed twice and Joanne even called on the 15th of Sept to see that Kevin called.Well on the 16th of Sept. he called and had an emergency and couldn’t be there at 10:00 or 11:00 and the rest of the day he sent a messages he was still there but”I promise….” “NOT FORGETTING YOU”. By 5:00 I had my own emergency and emailed him that I had to leave and to please reschedule and that I was available the 18th of Sept which was Thursday and after 1:00 Friday the 19th of Sept. Neither of these people have called or rescheduled . I believe this is a game they play and eventually people give up. I have about $4500.00 which were cost pricing and I would no longer be able would to get the same quality of furniture and fabric.My sofa and chaise were soiled not damaged with rust and bleached areas all over. | Three weeks later she tells me I signed every O.K. but the sofa and chaise were still very wet at the time. The damaged was evident while still wet and drying by the morning. It took two days to dry which was abnormal when it takes 5 hours for the carpet and sofa and chaise. When the sofa and chaise started to dry I called my husband and daughter who also took pictures to show the areas of bleached out white and rust water stains. Even the solution she made me wait a week for did not rectify the problem. It made some areas worse.I helped her by patiently waiting for this process. | This is Sept 22nd 2014 and they have not attempted to call or fix anything.Tell me what service man leaves without payment and unfortunately I paid by check $224.00 number 1612 ck. | The odd thing I resent is many companies go on sites that say they are competent and reputable but when they damage or create the problem they avoid all calls. | If you go on the Ripp Off site for Ace Chem-Dry Joanne Anton the same thing happened to someone and of course they denied it. Well Andrew didn’t deny it nor Joann in my home.

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