ACN – American Communications Network Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ACN – American Communications Network at on 25-Apr-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: ACN – American Communications Network
  • Address: 20, Rue Villate
  • City: PĂ©tionville
  • State: Afghanistan
  • Country: Haiti
  • Phone: 50937012222
  • Website:


Original Complaint against ACN – American Communications Network published at on 25-Apr-14 says, verbatim –

So… | I have been on a hard job search lately and stumbled across a telecommunications job. | Sounded good, emailed my resume and everything. | Got a call 10 days later from a guy that is asking if I am interested in a job that I applied for. I said, “”yes, of course.”” So then he goes through a small spill, not mentioning the name of his “”company”” or that it is affiliated with ACN. So I ask about what company this is for. He stalls for a couple seconds and tells me, “”well… my company is Freedom Express Unlimited.”” I said, “”your company? Is it under some other company and if so, what is the name?”” He stalls again and mentions that it is with ACN. So I ask him what exactly I would be doing and he just mentions getting 20 customers and then having friends work underneath me and get customers. So I ask him if I actually get money from the sales to customers or if it is from getting my friends to work underneath me. Of course, another stall… then he says something that made no sense and something about residuals. Then tells me to meet him at his “”business”” at 6 PM and he will introduce me to a guy named Spencer (I think the main Vice President for the entire ACN company, you can see him on their webpage) and he will talk to you about what an excellent opportunity this is. I said okay, I will call you if there are any problems. | So I look around on the internet and here and see that it is just another pyramid scheme and I would have to pay $499 to become an associate (was not told this prior). | So I call him back and ask about the $499 and a bunch of other questions and all I got was stalling and short answers, then changing of the subject and back to how much money I could make if I spent the $499. I wasn’t buying any of it and wanted that $499 to stay right in my pocket. So he tries hard to sale me and close me on this opportunity like I am out buying a car… I don’t know what kind of employer really tries to sale you on a job.. I thought it was usually the other way around. So I told him I would wait and think about it, just like if I was actually buying a car lol. | So needless to say I am not going to the meeting to meet this big shot who was going to fill me with some bullsh#$ so his pockets could get fatter. | It also makes me ask the question if there are good old fashion reliable jobs out there instead of these pyramid schemes, because they are about all I have found in my search. NOT COOL AMERICA! | I would have to just say.. stay away from ACN and its empty promises. Oh and also stay away from Kirby and RJ Distributing, a lot of false advertising there too. |

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