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Business Details –

  • Name: Acne Treatment SF
  • Address: Pine Street
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: CA
  • Phone: (415) 756-7878
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 610 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Acne Treatment SF published at says, verbatim –


I’ve had acne on and off for a little over a decade – nothing too serious, mostly just hormonal breakouts. I noticed that there were times when my skin would be extremely flawless only to revert back to an acne state and I was getting sick of all of the back and forth. I decided it would be a good idea to try a holistic skincare route. This idea led me to Dirty Scam which led me to Mirsada.On my first appointment, I wasn’t sure how to use the buzzer system because I wasn’t given any prior instructions and there were none at the door, so I called Mirsada directly to enter the building. She came down and sternly told me that I had to wait for her to buzz me in. It was super off putting, but whatever, I was willing to take it for my skin. Mirsada talks really big talk and she is extremely confident in her skills. She was boasting about all of the patients that she helped and her extensive experience and so I put my trust and hope in her.The facial was long and a bit painful but again, I was willing to take it for my skin. When it was finished, I did notice that my pores looked a lot cleaner and my face was less congested overall, which I was happy about. She recommended me her products and I took everything that she suggested. I only once mentioned that it was pricey (which it truly is) and she went on a huge long tangent about how prescription medication and other skincare lines are even pricier etc etc. It was honestly so unnecessary and she failed to consider cost reliefs such as insurance/skincare line discounts. Again, I let it go because I’d do anything for my skin. She told me that she only accepts cash (sketch) and followed me to an ATM at literally 12 am as I proceeded to hand her $480 in $20 bills. Super uncomfortable.My skin was okay for two days when I didn’t start her regimen yet. However, when I started using the products that she gave me – all hell broke loose on my face. I got a TONNNN of clogged pores, my face was inflamed. It looked 100x worse than what my skin looked like prior to my facial. I tried to make myself feel better and say that it was probably just purging but it got so bad that I had to contact Mirsada. She had me come in the day I contacted her which I did appreciate. She said that I probably had a reaction to her products and to bring them back. And so I did. When I got there, she then said that it probably wasn’t the products but that I was purging. And then she said that it was my diet – because I used the microwave to heat up my food. She went on and on displacing the blame on me which I felt was pretty unfair considering I followed everything she advised to a T and inconsistent because she kept telling me a ton of different reasons. I do give her props for refunding me for the money that I spent on the products I gave back though.Two days later, I came back for another facial. Before we started, she told me she read the notes she took on my skin and that I was probably breaking out because I stopped using my prescription topical creams and I made a huge mistake getting off of birth control (which I actually stopped 5 months prior and my skin NEVER got this bad). She said that she would be okay if we didn’t proceed with the facial. I was literally speechless – here I was with this HORRIBLE breakout and she was telling me basically that we weren’t compatible and that she didn’t want to proceed. For some reason, she changed her mine and decided she would go ahead with the facial. At this point, I was honestly just downright depressed about the way my skin looked!Overall, I dropped $610 for my skin to GET WRECKED! My skin is still bad and has not healed yet and I really don’t know when it will. This was definitely a bad investment for me which sucks because I work soooo hard for my money. I’m happy for all the people that saw results with Mirsada but unfortunately, I was not one of them.


Acne Treatment SF

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