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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Across U.S.A. Moving & Storage at on 05-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Across U.S.A. Moving & Storage
  • Address: 10480 Shady Trail Ste 100
  • City: Dallas
  • State: Denmark
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 18883684689
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Across U.S.A. Moving & Storage published at on 05-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Horrible customer service. Worst moving experience I have ever had and I have moved myself or my children with several different companies at least a dozen times! It started out well with Kenny being very friendly and reassuring but after they came to load it all went bad. The move had already been paid for in full by my son who was moving his things from Buda to Portland they had all his information and had an authorization form initialed by Daniel Peace to charge his card on 6-7-2014. I was given the time frame from 4-10 pm on 6-10-2014 for them to load. They came before noon, I was not available I was at work. My husband was here and they told him the move had only $100 deposit down and they needed his credit card. He had no idea about the details of the move as my son and I were the only ones that were dealing with it. My husband is on disability which is why I was helping my son. They kept telling him they could not load or take things until he provided a credit card. By the time he was able to reach me they had charged our card for half of the proposal. I spoke with the men loading and explained it was paid for already they said they would call office. I called talked to Kenny who said yes it is paid for already. I than talked to Jasmine and Daniel both who assured me that it would not be charged to our card as it was already going to my sons card. They did need a copy of his drivers license I scanned that to them right away. I than called my husband back and said don’t let them have you charge the card it is already paid for. I left work to come home, he called me back and said they had things on truck and told him he had to sign papers and they had to keep the card number they had been there for several hours at this point and told him the office would sort it out. They way they sorted it out was to charge our card $1070.53 and charged my son’s card which was the one authorized for the move $2039.06. When I saw they did not reverse the charge to us but actually charged both cards I called. This is when they started putting me straight to voice mail or not answering at all. I started calling from a different phone than they would answer but when I gave my name back to voice mail. When I did reach Jasmin or Daniel I was assured they were taking care of it. On 6-20-2014 Danniel said he would credit the card that they were not to charge I asked for an email confirmation . He sent one saying that $732.61 was being refunded! I called and said it was charged $1070.53. He than said well the move is more than we charged him so that is the difference. I told him they were not suppose to charge that card in the first place and just because they decided to charge more that was not ok. They also never gave us a delivery date it was not on the proposal as I was told as soon as it was loaded and back at office they would have one. Kenny was aware that my son was already in Portland OR and anxious for his things to arrive one of which was his Harley. I was told just get the things loaded quick so we can get it scheduled . Than on the 6-24-2014 Daniel said that the authorization that they had used to charge his card was not e-signed. It had been charged though and had been paid from his bank. Daniel said well it was paid but they couldn’t acess it untill he signed. I told him no we were done until they credited my account for the full amount. He than said they could not set up delivery until that was signed. When I said it isn’t happening until the card is credited he said they would credit the balance from the $732.61. Problem was they never credited that amount in the first place. I than got a alert from my bank that my card was charged the $1070.53 again on 6-24-2014! I called the bank and they said it was reversed. At this point I thought it was resolved my son did the e-sign it was still for the amount of $2039.06. I than called the bank to be sure that it was credited and we found that they had charged and reversed the amount within minutes of each other. They never did credit the first charge they just recharged it! At this point the bank called them, they spoke with Levy Gamlieli who insisted it had been credited it must be our bank that was not showing credit. We gave it a few more days and when it did not post the bank put it into dispute. They showed up to unload on 7-2-2014 and even though we had been billed for a shuttle service and elevator since it is an apartment in downtown Portland the driver was not aware of this. He had to park and carry things to apartment. I called and was assured it was paid for and they would let driver know. I am relieved that he received his things. This was extremely upsetting and frustrating. We are still in the process of resoving the charge to our account . I am sorry I did not read more reviews and research farther I could have avoided a very stressful several weeks and my son could of received his things much sooner!

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