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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Acs Inc at on 11-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Acs Inc
  • Address: 8840 Madison Blvd Ste 200 R
  • City: Madison
  • State: Florida
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (256) 464-5551
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Acs Inc published at on 11-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

I was contacted by a company first and farmost with threatening voicemails on my house, cell, husband’s cell stating I am going to Jail, because I did not pay a loan worth $300.00 from JHS marketing payday loan, and they have sent court papers for me to appear in court if I did not respond to the email or send them (ACS Group) $300.00. | I contacted them (ACS Group) the next day, and asked about the information given to me. I spoke with Brooke Wiley (866-794-1877 ext. 349), and she had me to clarify my last four digits of my ss#, date of birth and my name. I did that (not knowing the circumstance). Then, she stated that my case# was up for me to appear in court in a few days if I did not pay $300.00 or show proof that the money I paid towards the company was shown on my actual bank statement. | Here’s a catch for you, I did a payday loan August 20th, 2010 with JHS Marketing for $300.00 and it was deposited into my account. I made payments on the payday loan 30 days later which consisited of a grand total of $630.00 over a course of seven months!! I was told by Brooke Wiley that I needed to pay $300.00 to ACS group due to the fact that I owe money to JHS Marketing because I never paid the money back from the loan/interest I recieved from JHS Marketing. | I am a college graduated but atleast I know that 7 payments times $90.00 is well over the $300.00 that I am supposedly owing them. I was told that there was a stop payment posted on my account for the company, and I never paid the money, so, ACS group is the middle man (collecting agnecy) to collecting the money for JHS Marketing. | My question was to Brooke Wiley: Why did JHS Marketing never contact me via phone, house phone, letter in the mail or as quickly as they did four years, later? She (Brooke Wiley) stated they will only contact me through email if I did not pay them at all, but I have withdrawls on my bank statement that shows JHS Marketing taking the money out with interest of course, but she insisted that I needed to show proof. | The way I was to show proof was: 1) take a picture of the bank statement with my smart phone 2)email the bank statement 3) scan my bank statement. So, I was thinking, what collection agency would accept smartphone photos and emails if they couldn’t receive it through mail or some other professional way. Once, I told her about my bank statements showing the money was paid years (4), ago. | So, I mentioned to Brooke Wiley that I would send the information via their email ([email protected]) was the first one she gave me. I contacted her again the next day and the email changed to ([email protected]). Hmm….??? Another red flag! | So, I asked Brooke Wiley, which she insisted on the fact that I still show proof, because their compliance office might not accept the fact that I paid the JHS Marketing off which is clearly states on my bank statement, and it clearly has JHS Marketing on there for the payment withdrawls. So, I asked her, again, why I am just now being contacted 4 years, later? She (Brooke Wiley) said they can only contact me through email since it was a pay day loan. I mentioned to her (Brooke Wiley) when I gave my information to pay the money back, I spoke with someone over the phone. So, what is the difference? The conversation went to me being placed on hold for 7-8 minutes. | I would suggest to anyone of receives phone calls 4 years later to not entertain this company of give any information over the phone, email or photo text to ACS Group. I know I am not alone on this subject, but I am smarter than the average Bear.

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