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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Acura consulting at on 28-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Acura consulting
  • Address: B-26 ,Sector-8, Dwarka
  • City: Delhi
  • State: Delhi
  • Country: India
  • Phone: 91.11253653
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Acura consulting published at on 28-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

Once upon a time, Acura hired employees ranging from freshers to VP levels and Business unit heads. The company showed promises of untold growth and disruptive business models. The story was told by Sushant Nayak, who claimed to be “IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore and On Boards of multiple corporate houses”. The story sounded interesting. | The employees worked passionately. They loved the work environment full of freshers and experience that came in a flat hierarchy. Even more, the actual business was being co-created with the new brain-power that was introduced in the company. Everything was going well. | One day, the salary was delayed. The employees were perturbed but not deterred. The stroy of untold riches and disruptive business models kept them inspired. They kept working hard. 2 months passed, then 3 months passed, still no salaries. But some days, salaries for 1 or 2 months were paid, keeping employees feeling empty.his cycle was repeated multiple times till one day: | Salary for 3 months was again not paid. The employees were feeling harassed as they were burning cash out of their pockets to keep the company running. The employees decided to ask the employer about salaries. What happenned next was priceless. | The VP HR told the employees that salary was not going to be paid for 3 more months; if they wanted salaries, they should quit. The employees were outraged. They demanded that the unpaid salaries be arranged somehow so that they can keep working. The management agreed. | The management then proceeded to mentally harass employees so that they may be forced to quit. The harassment was too much for employees to take. This went on for an whole month before employees decided to take action. | So now: | 1. Acura consulting is under investigation of Labour Court and Income Tax department. | 2. More than 10 bounced cheques have been issued by the company. | 3. They are facing proceedings by employees under illegal termination, bounced cheques, harassment and non payment of salaries. | 4. They are facing scrutiny by the Industry for claiming false resources and clients | 5. They are claiming false employees in senior board who have quit long time ago. | 6. They dont have a consulting business or Health.Mobility.Analytics business. | 7. They do not have any products or businesses that they claim with the exception of IT staff augmentation which is failing miserably. | 8. They are claiming fake credentials to fool employees to join the company. The Kavita Negi from LBS has done certificate course from LBS. She is a B.A. graduate from some D-Grade local Pune college. But she is on the board of company. ( You should find out the reasons on your own 😀 ) | 9. There is no one from Wharton or IIM Bangalore in the company. Beware of any new lies they may come up with. | 10. There is constant lying about everything that the company does, both inside the company and outside. Nobody knows what the company actually does 😀 | | My sincere request as a recent employee of the company: | 1. Please be thorough about the team you are joining. | 2. Please know the clause of probation | 3. Please NOTE: you wont be paid salaries. |

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