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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Adam's Ale Art Prints at on 11-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Adam's Ale Art Prints
  • Address: 277 Harrison St
  • City: Ashland
  • State: Oregon
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (541) 324-4465
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Adam's Ale Art Prints published at on 11-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

Dealing with this “business owner” has been the most awful experience. After I did not sympathize with her excuses for not fulfilling my order and lying that she had, she devised a psychotic plan to send me hate mail by cloaking it as an effort to apologize for her poor handling of the situation. Little did I know that her bad attitude would suddenly turn downright disgusting and vengeful. | I purchased a set of prints from Suzy Sweet’s shop, Adam’s Ale Prints, on Etsy and was told by the shop owner that there would be a delay in shipping. She said they would ship on Jan. 16th, and she logged into Etsy and fraudently said she had shipped the items. When I contacted her several days after she said she had shipped to inquire as to the status of my order and check on the tracking number for the items she had supposedly already mailed, she sent back a very rude message saying she charges low prices and several other excuses for why she hadn’t shipped yet. | I responded that her message was unprofessional and all I had done was be patient with her and pay her promptly for a service she advertised but hadn’t delivered. She sent back some very strange messages, and then, after I had spent several hours trying to find an alternate arrangement to get prints made since I was stuck with expensive custom frames I had ordered from her, she sent me a message saying she was sorry for the unpleasant way she had treated me, and that she wanted to refund my order but still send the prints. | I assumed this was because they were custom prints and she had already made them, and took her at her word that she was genuinely sorry for the very hostile way she had treated me. Instead, she set up an elaborate rouse in which she sent me a shipping container and provided tracking information for what ended up being a downright frightening letter threatening to report me to the police (for who knows what), attacking my character, accusing me of harassing her. The entire experience was extremely unsettling, and I don’t believe business owners should be allowed to harass and intimidate customers for their own entertainment. I am also worried for the safety of myself and my family, as the seller has my home address and personal email address and from her actions and the content of her letter, does not seem mentally stable. | As her behavior was so erratic and hateful, I had no intention of engaging with her further, but I did take action against her with the proper channels to make sure other customers were warned about the way she treated me. I filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection arm of the Oregon Department of Justice, and she either used my email address from Etsy or was incorrectly given it by the DoJ to further harass me. She sent another vile message referencing a very serious car accident I was in that she had looked up online and threatened to contact the lawyer for the driver who caused my injuries. I’m not sure what she thought she would achieve by threatening this, as a private personal injury lawyer would have zero interest in her rants and I am not ashamed that I was the victim of a reckless driver, but it goes to show her utter lack of class or basic decency. | I responded to her message telling her that I was well within my rights to file a complaint against her for her outrageous business practices, and she continued to send me messages threatening to report me to my employer (again, who knows for what) and then copying me on a convuluted and rambling response to the DoJ in which she never addressed the fact that she sent me harassing mail and instead stated she was scared I had found out where she lived as she had not provided her real address on the package she sent me. This was beyond ridiculous, as her public Etsy shop clearly states she is based in Astoria, as I referenced I would be contacting the city’s police department if she insisted on continuing her hate campaign against me. She then proceeded to degrade me for filing a review of her, and saying that I was a horrible person who just went around complaining about things and had made a habit of it by somehow trying to relate it to the car accident I was in – and even trying to prove this by telling the DoJ that the settlement I received in that case was beyond what she believed was fair. | This woman will go to great lengths to silence anyone who questions her lack of professionalism and foul business practices, and I truly hope that anyone who considers purchasing anything from her reads this and shops elsewhere. |

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