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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Addiction Recovery Resources at


Business Details –

  • Name: Addiction Recovery Resources
  • Address: Canal Street
  • City: New Orleans
  • State: LA
  • Phone: +1 504-323-8052
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 18763 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Addiction Recovery Resources published at says, verbatim –


My sister’s addiction towards opioids came to my notice when I was in her town for a meeting and I visited her place without giving her a prior notice. I had a conversation with her the other day where she revealed how she was addicted by that drug since a year and a half. She told me that she felt guilty and wanted to leave. But how all her attempts made her even more addicted towards the same. I came with the name from Internet: Addiction Recovery Resources, New Orleans, LA.Somehow, I convinced my sister to opt for their rehab program. I registered her for their Residential Treatment Program. The Residential Treatment Program included patient’s treatment starting from the very basic Group-Therapy to the utmost After-Care Therapy, that goes on even after a patient resumes his/her normal life. The Program starts with an Educational Phase and ends with the Application Phase.I went to see my sister at the center after two weeks of her admission. It was Thursday 6:30 PM, this was supposed to be their lectures timing. Families were allowed to come on few other days including Thursday’s too. This was that time when I noticed some unprofessionalism in ARRNO’s conduct! When I reached to the lecture, I thought I would be the only one that would have been late. But to my surprise, I found the Doctor who was supposed to conduct the lecture was not going to arrive. This probed me to ask my sister about the center and its services.She mentioned how there was a major lack in discipline at ARRNO. The patient’s consulting was not done at a fixed time in the day. It was according to the mood of the doctor to visit any patient at any time. She told me how there weren’t any individual sessions in the schedule, only if any patient had any queries they could speak with the doctor with an appointment. Also the doctor weren’t available 24*7, they were asked to take appointments.We were even mentioned how a patient’s spiritual growth would be a major point of concentration during this treatment. When I questioned my sister about this, she acknowledged how there was no discussion about spirituality. In the Educational Phase, they were told about the worse phases of life which a man undergoes, apart from addiction. They were given examples about how people recovered from sexual abuse, depression after divorce, anything but Addiction. This created dilemma in my sister’s mind and she learnt nothing about how to get rid of addiction.No knowledge about how a holistic lifestyle is to be cultivated, no knowledge about Meditation & Yoga was imparted to the patients. There weren’t any psychological interactions with the patient to study his mind conditions or why did he/she start taking drugs. Things which are most integral part of rehab were ignored, things which were promised to us in the contract were not done.Talking about the Treatment that she and everyone like her undergo: They were put on Soboxone which is a pen name of the drug Buprenorphine. This is all my sister could answer in the name of Treatment that they provide there. She even told how ARRNO brags a lot about the 12 Step Program that they offer with their treatments.She alleges this is just a fancy way of putting things together. There wasn’t any special care taken about patient’s nutrition or meditation. In the name of Fitness sessions, patients at that place are provided with no instructions about the exercise or Yoga they need to undergo. They are told to do whatever they wished to do.It’s been a month, my sister isn’t Sober yet. This outcome is just because of one simple reason, ARRNO did not do their work in the manner they were supposed to. There have been severe mistakes which aren’t forgivable.Addiction is a very serious problem and I expect rehabs like ARRNO to deal with utmost amount of seriousness. After all these, I did my inquiry with the internal staff asking a record of the patients that left Sober from ARRNO; I was shocked to find that they do not even have records of patients that left sober and those that didn’t.


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