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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ADE Construction at on 05-May-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: ADE Construction
  • Address: 323 sw 1 ave
  • City: Dania Beach
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 9549294815
  • Website:


Original Complaint against ADE Construction published at on 05-May-14 says, verbatim –

I wanted my bathroom remodeled, this man “JOHN” “GREG” “KIT” whatever he decides to go by that day came to my home sat down at my table and went over everything i wanted done he even convienced me to remodel my 2nd bathroom he said dont worry we can do this and that i will put this and this down in the estimate he was including to remove walls from floor to ceiling in both bathrooms and putting in heat exhause fans with ceiling fans with lights at no cost to me everything was included. I came to the office in Dania Beach i met with some man named Reid i picked out what i wanted for my vanities it took him weeks to give me a somewhat of a disign and the disign was NOT mine it was his he advised he will tweek it HIS way to get this proccessed and ordered 3 months later i had another designer come out to my home to do the same thing Ried was suppose to do later i found out Ried is no longer with the company i was on my 2nd designer. I called the office multiple times I kept getting different answers from a few different people they told me THEY will contact me once the permits have been submited its now April they finally got my permits in hand. It took over a week to start my demo for one of my bathrooms i was calling everyday to get a start date and every morning was different excuse the truck was full, they cant come today maybe tomorrow, the workers are to busy etc. finally they came out and was told to demo 1/2 wall when “John” was at my home he advised me thats its in my contract to take out the full wall i spoke to the office manager Dana she informed me its not in my scope of work or contract and it will be extra 3500 when i just paid him for my project he doesn’t even start the remodel and wants more money right away. I typed in ADE Construction and “john, Greg, KIt” name and picture popped up HOW can this sad excuse for man be working why isn’t he locked up by now. The office personall is great they are doing his dirty work for him, the workers are the best i dont know how they can work for a crook stealing peoples money and walking away from a job he wont answer the phone i had to talk to Anthony DiSimone Not John. John informs people that he is the actual owner when Anthony DiSimone is Anthony is a wonderful caring man unlike John. Its pretty sad that John/kit takes all these people for a ride leaves them broke with a unfinished job. The other day when the women called me and told me it will be extra to take down the walls in my bathroom i explained to her how bad her boss truely is with over 29 felony charges against him in 2 different counties he is going to court she had no idea im not the only one why isn’t the state of florida trying to get this heartless man off the streets Anthony is responisible for his actions i dont know if Anthony knows what he is doing behind his back he is even signing his name to contracts and emails |

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