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Business Details –

  • Name: Adelante Recovery Center
  • Address: Montecito Drive
  • City: Newport Beach
  • State: CA
  • Phone: +1 888-242-4450
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 15000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Adelante Recovery Center published at says, verbatim –


There are many troubles that I had to undergo while undergoing month long program at Adelante Recovery Center. I went at Lake-Mathews location, this was planned by me and my parents against the addiction that I had developed with heroin. Every staff member over there, judges you by the amount of money they think you carry.I was many a times asked by staff and once by Dr. P, about how much did my dad made monthly and whether or not he would like to invest in their business! I had few people with whom I was doing Group Therapy sessions, they were never treated in the manner like I was. This differentiation was done on the basis of money.Also at Adelante Recovery Center, no one was creative at all. Group Therapy sessions consist of few topics on which we talked sometimes. The other times it was on us, whether to go or not. The talk used to be restricted to topics like, sexual abuse, grief after divorce & depression.There were hardly any individual consulting sessions done by the doctor. Whenever we asked for him, we were told he was really busy. Apart from consulting, there were no attempts made to study our psyche’s. why were we different from others in terms of addiction or what happened to us that made us like what we were? They promised a lot more things which one will also find written on their website but hardly any of that is true.In the name of treatment, I did undergo a full detox and was also put on a drug named Subutex. But apart from that there is hardly any treatment given to us. As promised by them: there is no physical fitness on which they focus, no Yoga, no meditation & no focus on how to live a healthy life after a patient leaves the rehab.They do not impart much education in terms of how to actually recover from addiction. I have a habit of questioning facts till I gain my level of satisfaction. I have been mocked and ridiculed by the lecturer for this habit of mine. Everything seemed so basic when I went there, it seemed like they taught nothing what you did not know of. Everyone knows the name of this most basic drug named Subutex, everyone knows how to and when to take that.My definition of a rehab has completely changed after being there. Doctors were only available once a week or sometimes even less than that. Since I used to ask a lot of questions, they asked me to prepare my own chart, my own routine and schedule. This is not what you pay them for. I had another guy with me he told me how he had sued them in court regarding the insurance trouble they had caused him with. He also added how Adelante was now offering some money to him to withdraw the case from the court.The patient’s caretakers were always supposed to be warned by the clinical director because he always got complaints from us. If we had any problems or issues with the caretakers we were supposed to tell to him and not the caretakers individually, it almost seemed like a primary school one is being readmitted to. After two weeks, I had a trouble undertaking the drug named Subutex and caught fever. My body wasn’t adaptable to it, still the doctor told me to continue with the same and prescribed no change in it. When it was finally one week left before I was leaving, I was told by my counselor to prepare my After-Care schedule the way I wanted it to be.I rather asked him to do that because he was a counselor and not me, but he insisted me on doing that just because it was more comfortable for me. I found that awkward because I wasn’t there for my comfortability, I was rather there for disciplines and a complete control over myself which I had lost due to my addiction.Whenever I used to say something like this the only answer I got was,” Relax! You are being taken care of.” This was not at all cool. Rehab centers need not be like this at all, because it results in no gain for the Addicted person, on the contrary the drug they give to the addictive person is what they get addicted on.


Adelante Recovery Center

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