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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against at on 17-Oct-14.


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Original Complaint against published at on 17-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

It was my unfortunate experience to learn a hard lesson with this man and company. I will not deny or try to pretend that I didn’t see the red flags during my initial communication and contact with the advisor. The saying that if it’s too good to be true then it probably is, rang so true in my dealings with him. | Azina Doc guarantees that he will be able to secure investment or company who will fund your project through Invest AD. He provides you with loan packages and forms that lead you to believe that he is actually going to be successful in securing the financing. However, once the packages have been filled out and sent back to him, the communication becomes nothing but emails with rates/payments that are not on any lender letterhead or coming directly from the investor. His vagueness is explained away consistently by him stating that he cannot divulge additional information as is the link to these investors and that is basically why his service is of value. he also arranged two different phone calls of investors that she had secured funding for but these calls were also vague and I never got specific answers to what the project was that had been funded. Just vague amounts and vague descriptions of the investment. Yes, I know – RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG! | Azina Doc asks for a $1650 deposit in order to secure the financing for your investment project. This is his fee for being succesful in getting the funding promised. I apprehensively provided him with a $1700 deposit which is when he provided the loan package and docs that were required for me to obtain the funding. I then upped the deposit another $1,000 when he called and asked specific questions that the lender/investor he had secured for my particular project was wanting to know. He convinced me that the funding was going to take less than a week but he did need that second payment of the $1,000 to move forward in good faith. I stupidly paid that even though the full $2500 was the required deposit, I felt like I was protecting myself somewhat from not paying the whole deposit required until I had documents proving that he had indeed obtained this funding for me. Now I was in it with her for $2700. | Three weeks went by with nothing but ridiculous emails stating that he was going to be receiving the loan commitment, receiving the paperwork that would prove he had secured the loan. Calls made to him were nothing but convincing conversations about how he had this investor secured for me to fund it and he would be getting me the documents soon. I had secured another loan with a legitimate company and Azina knew that I had this loan as a back up, if he didn’t follow through as promised. Of course the terms of his investor were much more attractive, with much less down so I held out hope that he was going to back up all of her promises and produce this miraculous loan. | It never happened and we closed the escrow successfully with the legitimate lender I had secured as a back up. When I asked for the refund of my $2700 because he hadn’t been able to produce any proof or documentation that he ever had a loan and couldn’t during the whole three week time frame, which was supposedly have to have been only a week to get the funding, he denied my refund by stating that I just needed to submit another project. | I specifically asked Azina Doc before I made the second payment of the $1,000 to provide me with an email or document that would show that I was going to receive a refund of the full deposit amount, should he not produce an approval from her investor/lendor. He provided me with that email stating I would get the refund. Then, out of nowhere he provided me with a completely masked website of BPM bank in Milan, alledgedly based in London, showing my loan had been funded! When we went into the site the links did not work, and copyright logoing was completely out-of-date! Then I receievd an email from someone who was alledgedly a banking officer at BPM! I contacted the bank and sent a email. None was ever answered, and when we spoke the the central office in Milan, they had never heard of anyone at a London office! | He continues to tell me to submit another project, or be patient, but will not refund the $2700. He also does not answer my calls or return v/m’s. Emails to her are answered but come back with the same response each time…calmdown! | I am going to be reporting him to the Local and Federal authorities and see if they recommend any higher government authorities as well. | Please don’t make the same mistake I did. Azina Doc, Invest Ad, Investment AD and all those on LinkedIn are nothing but a scam to take money from hard working people who unfortunately trust her very convincing bulls*** about the service he provides.

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