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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Adore Cosmetics Ecommerce at on 22-Sep-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Adore Cosmetics Ecommerce
  • Address: 3200 Las VegasBlvd S Ste2800
  • City: Las Vegas
  • State: Cape Verde
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 70229337777
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Adore Cosmetics Ecommerce published at on 22-Sep-15 says, verbatim –

My husband and I were having a nice day strolling along in the Venetian doing some shopping. An attractive lady offered us some samples and, not to be rude, accepted them. Expecting to go on our way, a good looking man with a French or Italian accent asked if we had a minute. We were in not hurry so agreed. He had us both sitting in chairs across from each other. Long – VERY long – story short, he did face masks on both of us. The eye cream had an immediate dramatic effect and I was interested although still leery. He said the eye cream would be $175 and we agreed to purchase that and he said it came with the lotion. He took our card and handed us our bag very quickly and started to talk very fast again. In the end, he had a $7900.00 complete facelift package that he would sell to us for only $2500 because he liked us and felt that we were friends. We said we had to think about it and then he doubled the deal and said that he would give us 2 complete packages. Then the complete cleansing system. Then a bunch of perfume and blah blah. But wait! There's more! Just like on the infommercials on tv. We said that we would like think about the entire package over lunch and just leave the eye cream here. He said we had to leave with the eye "serum in a syringe" and if we did not come back within the hour, all of the other specials would not be offered. I could smell a rat and this guy Koby smelled horrific. We walked out of the store and I immediately got out my phone and googled them and sure enough – SCAM…SCAM..SCAM…story after story. AND when we looked at our receipt for the eye cream, he had charged us $375 instead of the $175. We immediately went back to Koby the con, to get a refund. Our best buddy turned into a total jerk and refused. After humiliating him with the security guards and threats from my bank and the mall manager, he finally gave us a refund. And the wrinkles that faded the first hour were gone an hour later. I don't know why the Better Business Bureau doesn't shut them down. There was another one in a different casino and they were about to make a HUGE sale to an elderly couple and my husband went in and told them not to buy the snake oil and they looked at us and said really? And we gave them an abbreviated version of what we just went through. They left the store and the salesman was screaming at us about him losing a sale. We were laughing at him so hard and I think that made him more angry. Jerks. How do people like that sleep at night? Karma is a bitch and they are eventually going to get bitched slapped.

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