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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Adore Cosmetics Ecommerce at on 10-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Adore Cosmetics Ecommerce
  • Address: 3200 Las VegasBlvd S Ste2800
  • City: Las Vegas
  • State: Cape Verde
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 70229337777
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Adore Cosmetics Ecommerce published at on 10-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

Worst company ever. I was walking around in the mall when they "caught" me. The seller told me all products was organic and I trusted him and bought some stuff from him. When i got home i realised it all was false, it wasn't organic and contained a lot of bad indigents, both for my skin and for the nature. When I tried to return the creams they refused to take it back since they had a no refund policy and it was not possible to make a refund in the store. But since they tricked me I told them they had to refund me. The seller told me to call their "client service" since he couldn't do anything. He claimed "he was on my side" and that "he wanted to help me but he couldn't". Bullshit. Then he could made me a refund. | When I called the client service number they only took calls on fridays. I told the seller that I'm back in my home country by then and I need to solve this now. He told me that I could ship the products when I'm home. Seriously, send products from Sweden to the states, and might not get my money back?? No way! He also claimed that it was the Jewish new years and that was the reason they didn't answer the phone until Friday. When I told him that that was bullshit he got offended and pulled the "you don't respect religion" card. He said that he could take my number and e-mail and that they will call me when the "new years" was over. He asked me to enter my details in their computer, and then I saw their card machine with a big button on it that said "refund", but he still claimed that they couldn't make refund. Bullshit. | I went in to another store to ask for advice. A really nice woman told me to go to the client service of the mall. I could see and hear from her that she new that this company was not really serious. She also told me that the Jewish new years already was over. So yes, It was bullshit. I went to the client service and told my story. The guy over there helped me and he understood directly the problem. He told me to go back to the kiosk. The first guy I met was now gone and I talked to another man. He still tried to pull off that they didn't do refund and the creams was organic, but now I felt that it would work. First he tried to offer me 70% refund what I payed, since I already opened some of the products. I said no. Then we did a compromise of 85%. I felt ok to pay 15% to learn a big lesson and to get rid of these crappy products!! | Stay away from this company! I feel really said for these people that has to work with this kind of management and I feel even more sorry for all the clients!

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