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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ADR Sewer & Drain at on 07-Sep-16.


Business Details –

  • Name: ADR Sewer & Drain
  • Address: 1217 Pine St
  • City: Lake in the Hills
  • State: Benin
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (773) 220-2811
  • Website:


Original Complaint against ADR Sewer & Drain published at on 07-Sep-16 says, verbatim –

this customer called up and said she had an emergency that a pipe had busted in her basement at this time I asked her on the phone if the water is coming up or falling down and she told me the water was coming up from a broken drain that had burst in the basement telling her I could be there the next day to take a look at it……next am showed up to try help figure out the problem …..after getting there I asked that mr tom her neighbor be with us during the time I explained to her what needs to be done……,,,,,at this time I asked her a couple basic questions when the last time its been rodded …any flooding before ….basic questions…….when going into the basement the customer has a toilet stack coming down into the basement where the hub of the exposed pipe was broke off from the pressure of the line being backed up and under pressure explaining to her that when the lines get full the water pressure can force the pipes to break apart like it had done on her toilet stack again at no time did I talk to her alone with out the neighbor Mr tom being present at my request so he can under stand what is being explained so at this time I told her I would attempt to rod the line from the toilet stack in the basement for 285 basic price when the sewer line is holding water which would included cleaning the catch basin and repairing the broken hub of the drain after not being able to get through the toilet stack and the catch basin being up under a crawl space I explained to her the purpose of a clean out station in the front yard to allow easy and fast asccess to drain to be able to rod with proper cutter blades agaiun telling her how roots access through the hubs of the drain tiles and grow into the lines and cause damage which is a fact! after explaining to her and tom she agreed would be good idea to have clean out installed …… after the contract was approved and permit was approved ….t&l began to install the clean out in the yard, during which time the home owner and daughter were being showed the process of the job and the home owner and her daughter were both standing there when the laborer dug down to the clayy tile and showed them the root tail that was growing into the hub of the tile everything was going good at this point , no complaints …. when it came time to clean the catch basin I had informed her that mr tom the neighbor has accused ,me of throwing insulation into his basin and I told her thast it wasn't a good idea for me to clean hers to wait for terry to show up the next day so I couldn't be accused of doing anything else and at this time she said that it was ok to wait that mr tom just wasn't feeling good to give him a day to calm down and I agreed so at this time with her standing there I climbed up into her crawl space and took a picture of her catch basin to show her the condition it was in at this time I closed the lid and crawled out with nothing but a camera in my hand at no time did I have any chance to damage her catch basin nor would I …..they have no proof that I did and for her to claim I damaged her catch basin is a shock to me and its sad that mr tom had her lie to try and make me out to be a monster for doing what was explained to them being the home owner and her neighbor….. if this does not get resolved I'm going to have my attorney david zipp look into what can be done about the false claims made against me by her and mr tom who have 0 proof that I did any damage to anything because I did not do what is being said

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