Advance America, Cash Advance Centers, Inc. Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Advance America, Cash Advance Centers, Inc. at on 08-Dec-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Advance America, Cash Advance Centers, Inc.
  • Address: 1000 N. Pine Street #25
  • City: Spartanburg
  • State: Cuba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (864) 573-7170
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Advance America, Cash Advance Centers, Inc. published at on 08-Dec-14 says, verbatim –

I was contacted by Kevin Miller on Thursday, December 4th. He claimed that I qualified for a loan in the amount of $2,000. He went on to say that in order for me to receive the loan, I had to be able to prove that I had in my possession the amount of what a payment would be. Each payment would be 10% of the loan, so I would have to prove that I had $210 in my possesion. I didn’t have this money at the time, so he tried to get me to borrow it from someone so he could process my loan. He said that he would give me a call back the next day. I continued to get phone calls from them, even though I told them that I didn’t have the money, and I didn’t have anybody I could get it from. He even tried to say that he would put some money up out of his pocket, and all I would have to do is come up with the rest. I still told him no, because I didn’t have the money. | I then started getting calls from Lee Johnson. Still asking me if I could borrow the money from somebody. I was even told by them that I could have the money in cash on me, all I had to do was verify the funds, but he wouldn’t tell me how to verify the funds. Finally, he called me again, and I just told him for the hell of it that I had the money, but I was at work. He was trying to get me to go to a 7-11 or CVS to get something that they needed to verify the funds. I was thinking that they just needed to see the money, and it would be verified. I kept asking him, am I sending money to someone, but he kept saying no. So, I was told to purchase a Green Dot moneyPak card. Once I purchased this card with the money on it, I would give him the number off the back of the card, so he could verify the funds were there. I thought that all he was going to do was see that the money was there, and that would be all. I could cash it back, and get my money back, because I have used moneypak before, and I could’ve transferred that money to one of my own prepaid cards. I actually put a lil more on the card than the $210 that he was asking me to verify. I put $250, because I needed to use my card to pay for something anyway. | He completely removed all the money from the moneypak. When I asked him about this, he said that I would be receiving the $2000 loan, plus my $210 back in my account within 30 minutes. I was on the phone with this man for at least an hour, while this transaction took place. Before I hung up with him, I was told that the money had been transferred into my account. As soon as I hung up, I check my account online from my phone. No money was there. I logged off and waited for a few minutes, and logged back on again. I called Mr. Johnson back, and he placed me on hold, and claimed to be talking to his financial team. He came back and told me that my money was flagged by the IRS for taxes. In order for the money to be released into my account, I would have to pay $352 in taxes, but this money would be refunded back to me withing 24 hours. Here we go again. He tried to get me to borrow this money from somebody claiming that I would be giving it right back to them. I continued to explain to him that I did not have anyone I could borrow this from. He continued to explain to me about the taxes and in order for me to get my money, this is something that I had to do. | He finally decided to transfer me over to the tax guy. His name is Jeff Morgan, and he works for the IRS. He even came out with an ID # upfront, just as a real IRS agent would do when you calll them. He stated that his ID # is JL9173122. He tried to say it a little fast, but I had a pen and paper ready for him. He tried his best to explain this to me about the taxes, and that I couldn’t do anything about this, because the IRS had flagged my money, and they need to confirm that no money laundering is being conducted, because the money is being transferred across states, from California to Virginia. I was getting upset by this time, and telling him that i wanted my initial money back, and that this isn’t going any further, because Mr. Johnson didn’t disclose that sometimes, the IRS will flag money. This should have been disclosed to me prior to anything being given to them. I even told Mr. Morgan that I was going to the authorities, and he was telling me that I could go to the court and file a complaint, and he pretended to give me the company information. This is the information that he gave me. | 11916 West Pico Blvd Los Angeles, VA 90064 | Trading as Money Tree | NIW 9516 ( I forgot what he said this number was) | | I began to tell him that I was out of $250, because that is what I put on the card, and he asked me to send him a copy of my receipt to his email. [email protected] | When I called back to see if he received my email, Mr. Johnson answered the phone, and began getting upset with me telling me that it was my fault that the money was flagged by the IRS for fraud, because on all his paperwork, he verified that there was $210, and I had put $250 on it. He then transferred me to Mr. Morgan who was also making the same claim that it was my fault that the IRS flagged my money. At this time, I tried to explain to Mr. Morgan that I needed my money back, because there was no way for me to get an additional $352 from anybody. I explained to him my situation and that I was living in a hotel, and the money that I put on the moneypak card was to pay for my room, and it was due immediately, or I would have been out on the street that night with my child. He then trying to tell me that he would put up $202 of the money himself, and I would only have to come up with the $150. There was no way that I could get my money back, because it was already transferred out of their hands, and it would only be released to my account once I paid the taxes on it. Supposedly, they are closing for the night, so there wasn’t anything that I could do, and he would keep my file on hold until Monday. But by Monday, I would have to come up with the whole $352. I told him that I would only be able to get the $150 on Monday, and he said ok. He or Mr. Johnson are supposed to call me back Monday morning, but I am already going to be flagging their call. I have already caught on to their scam. I feel like I have lost the $250 and there isn’t anything that I can do to get it back. But, I will not continue this transaction with them, because I know they are fraud.

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