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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Advance School of Driving at on 14-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Advance School of Driving
  • Address: 13946 Jurupa Ave
  • City: Fontana
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 19093492585
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Advance School of Driving published at on 14-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Advance school of driving Advanced school of driving Fontana, ca Monday may 5,2014 In class at 7:00 am Craig dmv trainer gave us booklets on all tests on general knowledge and air brakes. He also gave us all questions and answers to test 1,2, and 3 for combinations ,hazmats and c class. He gave us information on pre trip, coalition or air brakes, in cab and shifting. Been up studying all day and night trying to pass written test. Tuesday may 6,2014 Went to class then studied until 11:00 pm. Wednesday May 7,2014 Woke up tired and stressed. I had to take 5 test at one time. I passed all but 1. I failed my hazmat. Went back to room and started to study for hazmat untill 11:00 pm. Thursday May 8,2014 Still tired and stressed I went to dmv to retake hazmat. I passed. Now it was time to study for the brake test, in cab, and pre trip. I got the week end off so I used that time to study. I was so stressed I could not sleep much. Monday may,12,2014 Did walk around truck to become familiarized with the truck. We were placed in a group of four. My group was Alonzo Dennis, Diana, Eddie, and myself Gary Johnson. Are instructor was Chris dmv certified . We started of with skills testing which is parallel parking and offset backing. All students where inexperienced except for myself Gary Johnson. I had been a driver in 2000 till 2002. After 11:00 am we went out on the street for are first drive practice. Diana went first and she was very bad on the gears. Eddie was next. He was also grinding the gears. Then it was Alonzo. Chris dmv certified was being verbally abusive, intimidating, and being a detraction to them while they were trying to concentrate on driving. I Gary Johnson was next to drive. Chris dmv certified was more distractive to me due to the fact I have more experience driving then the others. For example he placed his arm in the passenger window and blocked my view of my mirrors making it unsafe me to drive properly and turn without hitting curb. Chris dmv certified distracted me my shifting abilities by telling me about how bad I was shifting. Tuesday May 13,2014 At approximately 1:10 Chris dmv certified was really criticizing my driving abilities and was making me uncomfortable with my ability to drive a tractor trailer. I was very tired and stressed from getting up at 4:30 am and not being able to go to bed until 12:00 am because of class and studying so I could abtain the knowledge to pass tests and going over information with other students to make sure we all would be ready for tests. Wednesday May 14,2014 Even more exhausted and tired due to studying most of the night and getting very little sleep. I am now unable to function in class. 7:30 in the morning went for open road training excersize in truck 103. Truck was unsafe to drive sink rows in transmission seam to be bad, hard to shift into gear, clutch hard, no seat belts in back of truck. Nobody but driver was able to wear seat belts. Chris dmv certified had informed the class Alonzo Dennis, Diana, Eddie, and myself Gary Johnson that he was going to be a “asshole” and he continued with his unsafe practices and teaching that he presented to us on Tuesday May 13,2014 Alonzo Dennis drove us back to the yard at approximately 10:15 a.m. Had lunch at 10:30 a.m. At approximately 11 a.m. We were given a skills test containing blindside backing with no spotter and inbox parallel parking. Diana was driving Chris dmv certified was showing bigger space hand signs with heading down that new student driving. he wasn’t making loud whistling gestures and screaming loudly at Diana distracting her from properly backing for Inbox parallel parking. Chris dmv certified was standing in the shade approximately 50 feet from new driver instead of in the truck with new driver. he did the same with Eddie, Alonzo and with myself Gary Johnson. at 1:30 p.m. I asked Chris dmv certified if I could do one more practice run on parallel parking. he said yes, but when I went to the truck he told me know then told me to go do break practice with classmates. so I only got to do parallel parking one time when the rest of my classmates got to do it twice. We practice brake testing until 2 p.m. Then I went back to the room to study until 11 p.m. Thursday May 15th 2014 woke up at 4:30 a.m. Exhausted and stressed. got to class at 5:30 a.m. To go over pre trip around truck. proceeded to get keys to truck 103 from Chris dmv certified to build up air pressure to take truck for road test. I was the only one not afraid to start truck. all other students were not confident enough to do it. all students climbed into truck at 7 a.m. Diana was first to drive. she was scared and not confident. Chris help with shifting gears. we had to go get fuel. Diana was scared to pull into fuel dock. we got bill and Diana drove out of the fuel dock. she stated that her leg was hurting from pushing in clutch. Chris dmv certified started criticizing Diana’s driving and stopped helping shift gears. she became unable to drive truck and was kicked out of drivers seat. Eddie took over driving, Chris dmv certified made him uncomfortable driving and Chris also had to help him shift gears. Chris became frustrated with Eddie when Eddie made a right hand turn and he hit a curb and almost hit a car due to the fact that Chris dmv certified was blocking his mirrors on the right side of truck. still helping Eddie shift Chris had Eddie drive a little further down the road and have him park the truck. Chris told Eddie to get out the driver seat that he was done. I Gary Johnson experienced driver was next in the driver seat. I put on my seatbelt. Chris DMV certified was now talking on his cell phone about personal business and was not wearing his seatbelt. I proceeded to drive. I was a shifting without assistance and was accelerating in proper fashion. Chris dmv certified didn’t have to correct my shifting and I was demonstrating my ability to upshift and downshift properly. we went on freeway in slow lane for 4 miles made a right hand turn off freeway flawlessly. we went back to industrial park. I parked the truck and Alonzo got into the driver seat and drove us back to ASD. then we were done for the day. I went to my room to study for the final drive test, brake test, and walk around test until 11 p.m. Friday May 16 2014 got up at 4:30 a.m.tired and very stressed. got to class at 6 a.m. at 7 a.m. I proceeded to do in cab test and air brake test with Diana in truck 105 not in 103. I was not familiar with trucks 105, I did all my practicing in truck 103. Diana was first to do in cab and brake test. Diana failed. Jim dmv certified for shaking his head. Alonzo was next to do in cab and brake test. he passed which he proceeded to do walk around and pre trip. Eddie was next to do his in cab and brake test. he passed and proceeded to do his walk around and pre trip. I was the last to test. I filled my brake test so had to try test again. when I failed the test the first time Jim dmv certified shook his head and told me I failed on my second try Jim dmv certified was distracting me and making me lose my train of thought, but I seem to get through the test and passed the second time around. when doing work oh well I was told that I was given too much info about seals around windows. I was being criticized about my knowledge about the truck. I proceeded to left side of truck told Jim dmv certified about window sills not cracked or broken, seat belt mounted and latched, during this Jim dmv certified I was shaking his head writing down on paper work. he was making me more stressed out. I I proceeded to pre trip, I went to front of truck was telling Jim dmv certified about indicator light on top of truck, headlights highs and lows and four ways. I looked under the truck or any oil and leeks of fluids. I proceeded to open hood to look at motor and other parts of truck. Jim dmv certified proceeded to go to procedures of pre trip inspection on right side of truck trying to gain composer. I started to go through and names Springs and tires of truck. Jim dmv certified told me I was going to fail this test it and told me that I need to go back and study. I told Jim dmv certified that I was going to proceed on with pre trip inspection. I proceeded to do right side of truck upper and lower, then moved to driver side. I mentioned a abbreviation ABCL which is abbreviated for abrasion , bubbling and cut leak. then Jim DMV certified was confused and questioned my abbreviation and was shaking his head. then we proceeded to do the under the hood inspection. Jim dmv certified was still shaking his head. Jim dmv certified then went into the cab of the truck to calculate inspection and told me to wait outside. he took about 25 minutes to tell me that I passed by one. I proceeded to get into driver seat to do drive test. I put on my seat belt. then I pushed in clutch and put into 3rd gear. then I pushed in parking brake in service brake. I moved forward from ASD school to service road. I made a right hand turn and when approximately 3 miles down the road shifting up and down correctly. I made a right hand turn correctly did not hit curb. I proceeded to go down the street shifting up and down properly for 3 miles then making a left turn and then proceeding for 2 miles having problems shifting into 6th and 7th gear, but made recovery. still proceedings down road in 6th gear tried to get into 7th having problems. in 3 seconds made recovery. Jim dmv certified said while shaking his head that I had failed the test. I was disappointed I thought I had done well. I was told to get out of the driver seat into the passenger seat. Jim dmv certified said I was getting argumentative about testing and called him a jack off. we proceeded back to ASD school. Jim dmv certified candid paperwork to the head of coordination Charlie of ASD . I proceeded to go in office. Charlie said I could not meet a test today, I would have to come in Monday through Thursday to practice and retake test next Friday. Juan said would you like to do in cab, pre trip, and brake test again. I said no. left went back to CRST and talked to Dan safety coordinator about problem and he informed me to write it down in email it to him. Gary Johnson May 17 2014 Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android fontana California.

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