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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Advanced Transmission & Emissions at on 06-Apr-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Advanced Transmission & Emissions
  • Address: 2849 E Bell Rd
  • City: Phoenix
  • State: Arizona
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (602) 955-8444
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Advanced Transmission & Emissions published at on 06-Apr-15 says, verbatim –

WHERE THE HECK DO i START?! | OK, My car broke down and I was calling around for a good repair shop when I stumbled upon Advanced Transmissions. I talked a guy whos name is Tim Delgado. Phone call was short and sweet , I told him I was shopping around and I would call him back. Not more than 5 minutes later, the owner, Greg Kaiser calls me back and convinced me to at least let him look at my car and diagnose it but assured me no repairs or work would be done without my permission. I said ok. This was on Thursday. about an hour later Greg calls me and says my engine is blown, no compression in all 4 cylinders. Which I found hard to believe because I knew it was the timing belt , I was at a light when itdied and a compression test was done an hour before the car died and every cylinder was at 180-200lbs of compression. I told him this as well. | He told me he could rebuild my engine for $1900 (he said he would beat remarkable engines by $100, they wanted $2000. He also said he called remarkable engines and said the 2k didnt include anything external. Greg told me to relax, my car was in good hands and not to stress They were not going to rip me off!He ended the conversation by asking me what my birthdate was, which I found rather odd. I said “Excuse me?” he said whats your birthday? I gave it to him and we hung up. Its now friday and I was getting a bad feeling about this place and I havent heard anything from anyoneas of 4pm so I decide to go check out this place and find out whats going on with my car. I showed up at 5 minutes to 5pm and was met by tim Delgado. I told him who I was and asked what was going on with my car. Tim found my file opened it up and there was nothing in the file so he explained that Greg had not had time to do anything to it yet and wasnt sure what he was going to do to the car just yet and that was why my file was empty and Greg wasnt there to ask so I would have to come back. I said to Tim, “I would imagine you guys arent open on the weekend so Ill be back in first thing Monday morning. Tim never said a word to me that they were open on Saturdays from 7-12pm, he totally ignored my staement! | Ok Its Monday morning and I show up at 8am with my mechanic to find out what the problem was and what Gregs strategy was to fix it. My Engine is on the ground!!!!! (found out later it wasnt my engine, Greg wanted me to think it was my engine) He had a file in his hand filled with papers, He said it was mine and had no idea why Tim didnt find my file with all this paperwork in in on friday because it was there! | I said “I never gave you permission to do any repairs, or to take my engine out! Gregs response was: “You gave me your permission by giving me your birthdate”! Thats all I need legally in court. I thinkmy mouth was stuck open as my jaw dropped. Your kidding me right? At this point Greg says it was my timing belt, (now remember, he already told me my engine was blown) So we asked him how he could of taken a compression test with the timing belt broke? Oh my! Greg couldn’t come up with an explanation! my mechanic even gave him an answer and he still screwed it up! | When he was backed in a corner, greg threw up his hands and stomped away yelling well you an just pay me for taking out your engine and take your car ! $600 ! I had no way of taking my engine and my car and he knew it! I told him just rebuild the engine if thats what it needs and be done with it! $1900 was what it was when I left, 5 minutes later he calls and says the MAF sensor and the crank sensor were out and they need to be replaced! | The two most expensive sensors on the engine he said he would charge $240 for the MAF which was nearly at cost and do the same for the crank sensor. I told him after the list of add ons that $ 2600 was all I had so that was it! He continuously kept adding until the total was $2957! | All the repairs were done in 3 days! Ya right! A total rebuild job on my engine and all 4cylinders were blown? Hes full of s*!!! but it was ready to pick up on thursday greg called me and said he test drove it and everything checked out!. I brought it back the very next day, Imagine that! | The Idle was at 3500 RPM when starting it only coming down to 2000 when the engine warmed up , my cruise control wasnt working and in put in drive the car was shaking. I was told I would get a call by noon but never got a call, I had to call them to find out what was going on. Tim told me he fixed the cruise and the idle but my motor mount was broke. Thats funny, it wasnt broke when the car died, I just had them replaced I told him. He wanted to charge me for a motor mount they broke!! I just came and got my car. | That same night my check engine light came on, put it on the code reader and What do you know! Its the MAF Sensor he supposedly replaced and charged me $350 for! It was bad! I replaced it that night because there was no way I was letting them touch my car again! I personally got under my car to see what work had been done, Im not a mechanic, and this is what I found just taking a visual, (and pictures) | Heres the best part, I immediately took it to 3 different certified repair shops and every one of them told me this son of a b* didnt rebuild my engine, didnt do any of the work he stated on my receipt and here it comes! He didnt even take the engine out of my car! Mr. Integrity! Hes a lying, cheating, fraudulent piece of s* who messed with the wrong person! I’m sure his hummer payment was due and he cant make money honestlly so what better way to get $$? Lets rip people off!!! I will see his a&s in court ! I am calling every station on TV until everyone knows what a freaking piece of crap this guy is and I will stop at nothing until I get his dumb a&s shut down |

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