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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Advantage Waste Systems at on 06-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Advantage Waste Systems
  • Address: 231 South Service Rd,
  • City: Grimsby
  • State: France, Metropolitan
  • Country: Canada
  • Phone: 1-888-393-7687
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Advantage Waste Systems published at on 06-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

Grimsby, Ontario Canada | It appears at Advantage Waste Systems, employees are suffering and subjected to new tactics by management to rid themselves of an employee. Laws protecting employee rights regarding termination of employment, are being trampled on by management to avoid the financial cost of the termination. | Advantage Waste Systems are suppressing employee rights to work in an atmosphere of zero tolerance towards violence, intimidation and abusive discriminatory actions as practiced by management. | You might ask “How is this allowed to happen”? It happens when management are the owners, leaving no recourse for employees against managment. | Advantage Waste Sytems are verbally abusive to employees. | They frequently say to employees, “What are you fucking stupid?”, “Fucking idiot”, etc… over the truck radios causing all employees to hear their rant against a fellow co-worker. | When Advantage Waste Systems have no legal recourse to rid themselves of an employee. They stoop to reducing that workers hours in hopes of that worker quitting. When that fails, Advantage Waste Systems tries to make the employee work more hours than the employee legally has to work. Failure to work the forced over-time, results in further verbal abuse, and a reduction in employee working hours. | A recent report, about a long time employee turning (66), was bullied into retirement, despite legislation stating the mandatory retirement age is (70). The employee’s hours were reduced a few months prior to turning (65). When he asked management “Why”, their reply was “They wanted to make it easier for the him at his age.” The employee responded with “Being 65, doesn’t mean I don’t need to work the same hours”. | That was the start of the intimidation to this employee by Advantage Waste Systems. This employee had never been disciplined for lack of productivity, lateness, insubordination, absenteeism, or behavioural issues in the past. | On Tuesday September 30 2014. This employee was experiencing mechanical malfuntions with his truck and wanted to have it checked by the Fleet Manager or the mechanic. As per Advantage Waste Systems employee protocol, the employee radioed in to the operations manager Buster Battams. The employee asked for the phone number for the Fleet Manager/owner Tino Ciccaglione. Buster Battams told the employee to “Look it up in the tablet”. The employee tried for approx. 30 minutes to locate the number in the Tablet, but was unable to figure out how to do it. Forcing the employee to return the truck to the yard for inspection. | Advantage Waste Systems had recently equipped their drivers with Tablets. No training was provided to assist employees who were unfamiliar with the technology. | Upon arrival back at the yard, the employee then went into the office of Buster Battams the Operations Manager of Advantage Waste Systems. Buster Battams asked “Why are you here”? The employee responded with “I could not figure out how to find the number in the tablet”. The employee then asked “Why didn’t you just not give me the number when I had asked you for it”? In response, the Operations Manager Buster Battams, jumped from his chair in anger, and charged at the employee in an aggressive threatening manner as though to hit him, yelling at the employee to “Leave the fucking truck and go home”. The employee told the operations manager to “Back away from me”. The employee then muttered “If you touch me. I will defend myself” the employee then immediatley left the premises. | On the following day, the employee returned to work at his regular scheduled time, and was told to “Come back later at 11:00am for a meeting”. When the employee arrived for the meeting. He was met with 3 of the 4 owners/managers. Michelle Ciccaglione (Buster Battams girlfriend), Tino Ciccaglione, and his wife Rosa Ciccaglione. Just prior to the meeting, Buster Battams had informed the 3 owners/managers, that the employee had threatened him, totally unprovoked. As the meeting progressed, the topic of his retirement was raised again. They stated “We are concerned you are not keeping us informed of when you plan to retire”. To which the employee replied “When I plan to retire, I will give you 2 months notice.”Advantage Waste Systems then promptly fired the employee after 14 years of employment with them. This is a prime example of bullying, intimidation, age discrimination and abuse in the work place at the direct hand of management. | So why treat the longest tenured employee like this? | MONEY. Advantage Waste Systems and it’s owners Michelle Ciccaglione, Tino Ciccaglione, Rosa Ciccaglione and Buster Battams, falsely accused the employee of making an unprovoked threat against a threatening, aggressive and combative, Buster Battams. | It is reported Advantage Waste Systems had hired and started a new younger driver the day before this incident took place. | Set up? | Why does Advantage Waste Systems feel aggressive, threatening actions by them is permitted or should be tolerated by any employee or human being without defending oneself? | Advantage Waste Systems treatment of their employees is very unacceptable and intolerable. Current and prospective customers and future employees. Should be aware, and avoid dealing with Advantage Waste Systems as it condones their atrocious, disgraceful and malicious maltreatment of employees.

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