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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Adventures In Dog Walking at on 18-Feb-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Adventures In Dog Walking
  • Address:
  • City: Spring Lake
  • State: New Jersey
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 732-977-3446
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Adventures In Dog Walking published at on 18-Feb-15 says, verbatim –

I needed a new Dog Sitter / Walker and found this one on Facebook and that linked me to the website. I called and the lady was very kind and sounded uppity and explained this was her new business. I was also surprised how much she seemed to love animals. I explained that I had on Corgie and he “must” be walked two days a week and I could not do it due to appointments per my job on these days and it would be weekly. I had her set this up and I got suspicious when she did not do the so-called meet and greet and called a half hour before our first appointment. I figured it was still okay and she did of course have company vehicles and this was not a shoddy operation, from what is described on the website. I met the owner and she explained it is actually only her and no one else and the vehicle she showed up in was not the ones depicted on her webstie – but that I presume is normal. | I scheduled for a walk and expected other dogs to be in this walking period also. It was only my Mutzgo. She left and I went on about my business. All seemed well and we again used the service the next time. I got concerned as when he got home he ran for the water and then the back door – where he goes potty. If my dog was walked, watered and pottied – why did he need to go so quickly? Figured it was a one time thing due to excitement. | Third time the following week, he go home and same thing. The owner did not come in to check on his water etc as is also claimed to be part of the business. | Concerned now…… | The next time I pulled a sneaky one – I was told they were going to a park for the walk as long as the paths were snow free. But, I decided to follow, just like a detective, this pet walker. When she pulled away in her vehicle with my Mutzgo, again alone. I dashed for the street and pulled to follow. This park is only three blocks from my home and was surprised when she passed right by. Still followed. | The next light was a Walmart Shopping Mall. She pulled in there and surprised she pulled in a parking space. To my HORROR, she got out of her car nad headed for the store. My Mutzgo still in her car. Once she was in I ran to the car and I was unlucky as it was locked. My poor baby was in a locked car and I could not help him. I went back to my car, hoping she was just grabbing something for the walk. Maybe a treat or doggie bags, who knew. | After 20 minutes I could not talk it anymore and my baby in a locked car and it being in the 20’s outside. I went into the store to find and confront this FRAUD! I found her after walking thru the store for ten minutes, remember by baby is now in a locked and cold car for 30 minutes. She was shocked when I called her name and was speechless. Let me tell you I let her have it and demanded she give me her keys so I could get my baby. she apologized and made excuse upon excuse. Still not giving the keys until I threatened to call the local Police. She left her half full shopping cart and took me to her locked car and let me grab my baby. Can you imagine she asked me with that sheep in wolves clothing, if she should come by for the next appointment, I will not say online what i replied. I just wonder how long my baby would have been left in that car alone. She sure did not seem to be redy to leave with her shopping cart half full of things. Thank God I was smart and went in. | I would be very careful as I also called that pet sitter place advertised on the site, they explained they only do a criminal background check and no more. They do not certify the pet sitter in any medical training nor do they check any credentials. In other words they get their money for the criminal check and nothing more. They do not even verify there is insurance or bonding. They go strictly on that persons word. However I did put in a complaint and they in fact told me to report this here. Just beware you never know who is going to pull one over on you and get references, I will in the future. |

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