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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Advisory World Group at on 28-Apr-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Advisory World Group
  • Address: 24325 Crenshaw Blvd #350
  • City: Torrance
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8885824410
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Advisory World Group published at on 28-Apr-14 says, verbatim –

Financial professionals BEWARE! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON! They STOLE $3,200.00 dollars from me, and wasted countless amounts of my energy and time trying to recover it. PLEASE see full complaint in detail below. | | ADVISORY WORLD GROUP IS A FRAUDULENT BUSINESS!!! DO NOT USE!!! | | In May 2013, my manager was approached via LinkedIn by salesperson Frank Anderson, of Advisory World Group. Advisory World Group or AWG generates sit down appointments for Financial Advisors. I contacted Mr. Anderson via phone to inquire the details. After hearing the terms of the contract and wanting to expand my business, I agreed to purchase 100 sit down appointments from Advisory World Group. I paid $3,200 for the 100 appointments. I was sent a contract, and asked to overnight a check to California. (I originally asked to pay by credit card, but I was told that was not possible. I later learned why. So that I would be unable to reover my funds from the fraudulen AWG.) By the terms of the contract I was to receive 2-8 sit appointments per week within 20 miles of my address. If a prospective client canceled or did not show up, the terms of the contract dictate that the appointment would be replaced. My account was then put into production, and I was referred to the Ohio Skype Center, a telemarketer that was to book my appointments. Mr. Victor Hamilton was my contact at the Ohio Skype Center. I was asked to send in my schedule weekly via email. I did this each week. At first, my account received some attention, and within 2 weeks, I had my first appointment. I was at first optimistic, however this was the ONLY sit down appointment I would EVER have. Within the next 6 weeks the process continued, and I received some leads, but each time I would travel to the propects home, they would not be there, refused to meet with me, or just stated that they had no idea who I was or what I was doing there. All this in despite the fact the appointments had supposedly been confirmed the day before. I then began to feel I was part of a scam. It became apparent these appointments were NOT REAL at all. I then contacted Victor Hamilton in the Ohio Skype Center voicing my concerns. I was told numerous times my account was being worked on and to be patient. By the second week of July, my patience had run out. By contract I was to receive 2-8 appointments per week. By my 8th week of production, I had had only one sit down appt. None of the no-show appointments had been replaced. I then asked for a full refund of my $3,200 payment. I was told numerous times by Victor Hamilton of the Ohio Skype Center that I would receive a full refund. On 3 separate occasions my check was supposed to be in the mail, but it NEVER arrived. I still to this day have not received my refund. AWG customer service does not respond to my numerous calls, emails, and website complaints. Mr. Hamilton has now OUTRIGHT REFUSED to refund my money, despite the fact his team is in violation of our contract. When I can Mr. Hamilton on the phone, he and his staff are INCREDIBLY RUDE and disrespectful to both me nd my manager. AWG, Frank Anderson, and Vistor Hamilton have committed fraud. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to who’s letter AWG, on two occasions did not repsond. I was told this company will receive an F rating on the BBB website, and a copy of the complaint is online. I have also registered this complaint with the Califormia Attorney General’s office. So far, nothing has been done, and I still have no refund or new appointments 5 MONTHS after my initial purchase. At this point I have enlisted a private Attorney to SUE these people. Adisors DO NOT use this company. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY!!! | DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY FOR NOTHING IN RETURN! | THEY WILL NOT ANSWER YOUR COMPLAINTS OR CONCERNS, AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR MONEY BACK! | THEY WILL NOT ASNSWER THE PHONE OTHER THAN TO SELL YOU THEIR FAKE APPOINTMENTS! | YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY, WITH NO WAY TO RECOVER!

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