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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Advocacy and Collections Group Inc. at on 30-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Advocacy and Collections Group Inc.
  • Address: 2450 Hollywood Blvd Suite 201
  • City: Hollywood
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 18662677582
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Advocacy and Collections Group Inc. published at on 30-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

I was defrauded $70,000.00 by a Movie production Company in California.. Those bastards took all of my money & I never heard from them again. I tried to reach out to them and could not seem to locate the company.It was like they had vanished. I went online and did a search for a company that can maybe help with this type of situation and I came across ACG(Advocacy & Collections Group). I called and spoke to a very nice young lady and she advised me of their services & assured me that they will use their knowledge to try to track these people down and try to recover the $$ if not all of it most of it. I signed up They had a retainer fee that was 10% of the $$ I had invested. It took a couple of months but , I was updated every step of the way.About 6 months into this whole ordeal I received a call from Denis Chira from ACG & he gave me great news and advised they were able to recover the full amount,and more of the $$ I had invested in those Fraudulent Bastards. I was very much satisfied with their services and recommend them to anyone that has been in this situation before. They also offer a program which I signed up for that allows them to verify if the company is involved in anything suspicious before I decide to make my investment. They are local here in Hollywood Fl. If anyone has been defrauded I suggest you call this company and see what they can do for you. It worked for me-

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