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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Aerie Davis, All Star Marketing, AMD at on 10-Feb-15.


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Original Complaint against Aerie Davis, All Star Marketing, AMD published at on 10-Feb-15 says, verbatim –

Please take caution before working for or doing business with Aerie Davis, dba All Star Marketing and/or AMD. | Aerie Davis has predatorial hiring and employment practices. Aerie Davis has a history of promising unrealistic monies to be made if you work for her (during the hiring phase), followed by ridiculously low training pay, followed by pay which she withholds for 3 weeks after the work is done on a commission only basis. In this instance, after all that she then on the very day I was to be paid, tells me “It will not be possible” to pick up my paycheck! When I inquired as to why, she text me to tell me that she would be calling me. Ms. Davis then called me to ask me not to say anything on our regular conference call but my paycheck would be paid out in one more week. At this point, I took her at her word and thought I would be paid the next week and let it go. At the end of the next week, still no paycheck and bits of truth (perhaps) or at least bits of her story as to why SOME of us would not be paid were told to each of us. To add injury to insult, she had summarily taken it upon herself to select those that she would pay and those she would postpone. I unfortunately was in the group not to be paid for whatever reason she had determined. I still do not believe she has told us the truth as to why this happened but she claimed a gentleman named Ron (no last name was given to us), had not paid his final invoice, and she then did not have the funds to make payroll. AND THE KICKER TO ALL OF THIS IS THAT THIS ALL HAPPENED 2 TO 3 WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! She currently owes me $900+ in backpay, commission I earned while manning the phones for the marketing company 7 nights a week, after working my full time occupation. Needless to say, I was hurt and bewildered how such a thing could happen and especially how this could happen just before the holidays. Things could not get worse, until I learned that not only would I not receive that 1 paycheck, I would not be receiving a final paycheck, before the company (All Star Marketing) essentially unraveled, and no longer operated out of their Alexandria, VA plush office space. | She gathered us employees that were still waiting to see if and how we could get paid, on yet another conference call to tell us we now had new office space, smaller but very nice in Alexandria, VA again, and we would all be taking part in a new telemarketing campaign for TBI, on behalf of CenturyLink. Once again, the promise of earning potential was exciting and the quickest way for all of us to make money and also get our back pay that was owed to us from the last terminated campaign without notice. | | As I am writing this I am still unsure as to why I agreed to continue to work for someone that owed me back pay but all I can say is that I truly believed that if I helped to turn the company around, I would receive my pay eventually. | It is now mid-February, the second office closed and not a single employee (well of the 5 now remaining) reported to work on the final day in the most recent office space. We then once again, met via conference call while we all attempted to work from home on this new TBI campaign. Sadly, this lasted less than 10 days, while each of us of the remaining 5 independent contractors quit, one after another. | And yes, once again were we all out of our full $150 in training pay. Ms. Davis did pay a few of us $50 in cash, and one final contractor the full $150, but the other 4 (myself included) only received $50. I received $50 for 3 plus weeks of training. Ms. Davis has her own wildly crazy reasoning as to why we did not produce enough to deserve our full training pay, mind you after 3 weeks of training, paying travel expenses to attend in-office training, up until the very last day, which in essence we no longer could afford office space. | Most recently, Ms. Davis maintains that we will receive 70 – 100% of our backpay between February 20th and March 5th. I do not expect to receive nearly the $1,000 I am owed. And worse, I’m ashamed to ever have been associated with Ms. Davis. I am currently under the process of determining if her business practices are criminal, puirely so others will not go through what I have. The only thing I gained from my work for All Star Marketing, AMD, is having met an incredible group of people that are extremely hardworking. I have now made lifelong friends with the final remaining contractors. I would like to fully disclose that I have been paid $175 in cash towards my backpay, but estimate I am still owed $800+ dollars. | Please help me by assuring that this will not continue. All Star Marketing, AMD, should not be allowed to practice business in this manner.

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