Affordable Auto Transport LLC Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Affordable Auto Transport LLC at on 13-Feb-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Affordable Auto Transport LLC
  • Address: 800 Westport Rd.
  • City: Kansas
  • State: Cambodia
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1.816.931.4005
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Affordable Auto Transport LLC published at on 13-Feb-15 says, verbatim –

I am writing in behalf of an elderly couple (who prefer not have their names mentioned on-line.) I have helped them through a very trying ordeal with regards the transport of their car. | Originally months in advance this company gave them a quote of $800 to have their car transported from the region of Buffalo, NY to Cape Coral, FL. and they gave them a quote number and in September they verified that the quote for $800 was still good, and got their Discover Card number so that they could charge the deposit of $125. But when the couple checked their Discover Card statement, the company had charged them $250. When the couple complained Webster agreed to refund the extra $125 and explained that it was a deposit for the trip back North and that he had forgot that they had not committed to the trip North. That $125 has never been refunded and is in dispute as of February 12th. But this is just the tip of the ice burg. | The night of the pickup Webster called and said that the amount he would need to pay upon delivery had changed from $675 to $975 because they were not aware that the car had to be delivered on the day after the couple arrived in Florida!? Then the man who was to pick up the car called early in the evening and said that he would need a check for the sum of $975 when he arrived to take possession of the vehicle. So the old couple foolishly obliged and gave the man a check for $975 and got a receipt that was marked “Paid” but with no signature on it. The elderly couple (one 90 and one 88) arrived late on a Friday evening and expected the car would be delivered by noon on Saturday. Sunday morning the Mrs. knocked on my door and said they needed a ride to Church Services because their car still had not been delivered. They kept calling day after day and each day was promised that the car would arrive the next day. Finally, they called and spoke to Webster and he said the car was being held up in Orlando because the check for $975 could not be cashed and the customer gave them his Visa card number and authorized Webster to put $975 on that card. When the couple checked their statement on line, they discovered that instead of $975 their Visa Card had been charged $1286.25. So they got suspicious and checked with Wells Fargo and found that the check which Webster told them couldn’t be cashed had been cashed the day after the car was picked up. So at this point in time the old couple are out $2200 for the transport which was 6 days late (with their clothing and food and cell phone chargers in the trunk of the car.) They relied on my wife and I to do their grocery shopping etc. Currently the $125 error on the Discovery Card is in Dispute and the $975 on the credit card is in dispute. The company refunded the difference between $975 and $1286, but they have to provide Visa with a copy of the personal check for $975 before that portion of the charge will be refunded. This old man was so stressed over it that he collapsed when out on a walk and had to be driven home by a stranger. This was not just poor service it was outrages and cruel. Never Never do business with any of the several car tranport companies owned by Wayne Webster. He is lucky that these are not MY parents!! |

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