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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Affordable Computer Services at on 28-Nov-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Affordable Computer Services
  • Address: 1205 West Elizabeth Street
  • City: Fort Collins
  • State: Australia
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (970) 818-2575
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Affordable Computer Services published at on 28-Nov-14 says, verbatim –

I took my iPad in after buying a voucher on an online “deal” to repair my broken screen. They told me it would take 24 hours for them to fix when I took it in. I called the next day but was told it wasn’t ready. The following day, when I called again, they told me they’d gotten a lot of other repairs in & it still wasn’t ready & with the weekend coming up, they wouldn’t be able to get it back to me until Monday. I got it back 5 days after taking it in for a 24 hour service. When I got it back, I tried to use it at work but it wouldn’t pick up the wi-fi signal anymore. In fact, looking closely at the screen, I saw glints of glass shards under the glass. | Other’s in the office with their devices were able to pick up the signal and regardless of where I went within my office, I couldn’t get a signal. I used to be able to get it anywhere in the building. Not now. I thought I wasn’t doing something right & tried to go thru my iPad making sure things were turned on & I’ll have to admit, I’m not a whiz on this iPad. I did ask my teenage sons & techy husband to see if they could figure it out as wifi at home now had become spotty also. Finally, I complained to Affordable Computers & they said they’d look at it & see if they could figure it out. This time they had it for 3 days. | They said they took off the screen & found debris on the antennae but cleaned it & it should be good. Still could not get it to get wifi at work. In fact it was worse than before. I am periodically getting “ghost writing” gibberish on my notes, erasing them & other documents I used at work, bringing up websites I’ve never been to and hopping thru various apps – all without my touching the screen. I’m almost afraid to turn it on as I don’t want it wiping out notes anymore. I called back to Affordable Computers & they sent someone to see me at work and he brought his iPhone out stating I got more connections than he did. That’s irrelevant. | It doesn’t address why I used to get wifi in my office but now could not. Nor does it address the “ghost writing”. He suggested maybe the firewall was changed affecting my signal. I don’t know. He also said it could be the glass screen was impeding the signal. What??? It hadn’t done that before so, that answer doesn’t even make sense! But obviously, others in my office didn’t have that problem with their electronics. In fact, one of my co-workers sat right next to me with her iPad & got on the wifi system. Someone suggested maybe my screen was dirty so I kept cleaning it off with a cloth from my eye doctor for glass cleaning. | No smudges on top but as I looked more closely I saw debris still under the screen. I used a flashlight on the screen & could see the grid under the glass along with a partial palmprint. I finally talked to Chris who said he was the manager. When I explained my problem, he said they could take it back & work again on it. No! I told him I’d rather they refund my money so I could take it to a reputable place & have it repaired. Since they had told me they’d cleaned it before & it was obviously dirty, I didn’t want them touching it again. He said they couldn’t give a refund. | This was about August, during the summer. Now it’s nearing the end of November. I’ve entered a BBB complaint. I’ve taken it into Simply Mac store in Fort Collins to try to assess the damage. In looking over my iPad, the tech asked if I’d nicked the bezel edge (?). No, I was given an Otterbox after I cracked the screen but it was smooth edged when I put it on. It was in that Otterbox when I brought it in to Affordable Computer & they wanted me to leave it with them that way so they could use it to help seal the repairs on the screen. They neglected to tell me they’d nicked the edge. | The tech told me most likely they’d damaged the antennae since it’s close to the edge & I’d probably need a new one. I got another opinion from another computer repair place & they told me the same thing. It’d be close to $200 for repairs. Simply Mac suggested I backup my ipad & wipe it to reset it to factory specs to see if that would help. It hasn’t. I turned it on this morning only to have it ghost writing again. I’ve learned to turn to a blank note page as quickly as I can so it won’t wipe out notes or documents or if it does go haywire, I just turn it off. |

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