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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Affordable Home Improvements at on 17-Sep-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Affordable Home Improvements
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State: American Samoa
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1-210-465-5562
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Affordable Home Improvements published at on 17-Sep-14 says, verbatim –

Terry L. Sanders is a master scammer. He ripped off numerous people who worked for him in the month of August 2014, including myself and my g/f Kris. Kris answered a Craigslist add needing painters. A supervisor of Terry’s called her and hired her right away as a painter. Terry Sanders offered her $25.00 an hour. This guy is so good that Kris quit her other job to work for Terry. After afew days the supervisor never came back to work so Terry Sanders made Kris supervisor with more pay but never got around to telling her how much. Then he ended up hiring me on as a laborer at $10.00 an hour. Well things just started not adding up to us…things he would say or do. One night Kris got on the internet and found out that Mr., Terry Sanders has done many, many scam jobs, using people and taking their money. We didnt say anything at first with what we found but others on the crew started questioning things to and expressing them to Kris. So when we started asking about our pay at first everything was cool and of course he had stories and excuses for that. Well we started getting annoyed and finally called him on what Kris found on the internet and told him we wanted our pay. He stopped calling us for awhile and that pissed us off even more. Long story, but we have been going back and fourth with TERRY SANDERS since the beginning of August 2014 here in Jonesboro, Arkansas and today as I am writing this is September 16th, 2014 and we still have seen no money. First he said he was wiring it to all of us 2 weeks ago, never got it except for one employee who got a moneygram of $770.00 but was owed $3,000 but Terry said the $770.00 was all he was getting. Terry Sanders told our local News Station, KAIT8 that he had sent out some of us moneygrams and some of us checks. That just doesnt make sense, but anyway we never got a check and he swore to our televion ( That we got involved) that he sent our money to us, no money yet. | Terry Sanders has taunting us for a month, he acts so smug and like he could care less we have contacted the media about him, turned him into the labor board and filed a report with the police station. He has cussed us, he has threatened to take us to court excusing us that we tried to break into his house and that some of his neighbors described us and that I am trying to con him out of money and that I am the one that is the con artist. Ok first of all I went and talked to all his neighbors and non of them had seen us around there, but one neighbor said she had seen 2 girls out in his mailbox and one was blonde, well I have black hair and so does Kris. Then another neighbor told me that Terry himself told her and her b/f that it was 2 black guys that tried to break into his house…well I am a girl and I am white. The same day we found out that his landlord and put new locks on the apartment Terry had been living in because of non payment of rent for months!!!! | I just can not believe this would ever happen to me. I am a single mom and Kris quit her other job and so one else on the crew quit his other job (and he happens to be related to Terry Sanders). It is really sad he has no conscience. He has several fake businesses and fake names. PLEASE, PLEASE do not fall into his lies. If he offers you anything, especially if it sounds to good to be true….keep walking! | I wasnt there very long when we started figuring crap out so he only owes me $180.00…but he is saying I am trying to con HIM out of money. He owes my g/f $650.00+. Please share this and help us warn others about Terry L. Sanders. Also try and get in touch with us if you have been a vitcum of Terry’s also. |

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