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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Affordable Pups at on 24-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Affordable Pups
  • Address: 13326 Miller Road
  • City: Johnstown
  • State: Colombia
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 1 (614) 859-2025
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Affordable Pups published at on 24-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Like so many others, I received a different puppy from what I purchased. On arrival I did notice a few differences in the puppy I just picked up versus the picture of the puppy I purchased. I did overlook this though since they had taken the picture of the puppy I purchased and replaced it with a different picture (same description and same name though) on their website. A week later I was browsing their website and noticed the exact same picture of the puppy I had purchased was back on their sight, listed as available, with a different age and weight estimate. Same exact pictures though. I knew then, I was in fact sent a different puppy. Upon calling Mike, I was basically told that picture didn’t exist a week ago and that it was the first time it had been on the site. But, I actually did a screen shot of the puppy I purchased with the same exact pic on the day I purchased it. I emailed the screen shot from the previous week, a screen shot of their current site, and a picture of this puppy I have in hand. Both screen shots were the exact same but my puppy was obviously not. I was then yelled at by Mike over the phone, told he “was going to lose it” and that he “is a multimillionaire and will send me a screen shot of his bank account”. I kid you not, those were the exact words that came out of his mouth. I have no idea what his financial status has to do with sending me the wrong puppy and was secretly smirking at the comment thinking if he only knew me personally… He then says I purchased a different puppy and he would email me a picture of the puppy I actually purchased. He did email me a picture, the same picture that they currently have listed on nextdaypets as a FEMALE named Paris. Paris also is a different color than the MALE puppy I have sitting in front of me at this very moment. The new picture looked even less like the puppy I had in hand versus the picture I was claiming was purchased. After a few more “put downs” towards me from Mike I was then told I could ship the puppy back and after he received the puppy would issue a refund, yet I would be out $275 in shipping. I’m not exactly sure why I would be expected to pay $275 for a dog I don’t have and for something I had no control over (sending me a puppy that was never pictured). I now see that this is common from previous reviews and wish I would of done more research before falling in love with a face. If you are contemplating on buying a puppy from affordable, I urge you to contact me for more information as well as proof of the fraud that has happened.

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