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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Afni, Inc. at on 03-Jun-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Afni, Inc.
  • Address: PO Box 3427
  • City: Bloomington
  • State: Illinois
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 866-352-0479
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Afni, Inc. published at on 03-Jun-15 says, verbatim –

Afni Subrogation Department is nothing more than an unscrupulous collection company. My 24 yo son was involved in an accident over a year ago. He claims the other driver hit him and ran and the other driver then claimed my son hit him and ran. My son was insured at the time with Progressive Insurance. He reported the incident within 20 mins of it happening. Progressive started investigating the incident immediately. The other drive was also insured by Progressive and he reported the accident the next day. Long story short no one was charged and Progessive paid my sons claim under hit and run/uninsured motorists and paid the other drivers claim the same way. Everything was paid and the case was listed as settled and closed. My son continued to have his policy with a Progressive for another several months until he purchased a new car and because of his claim the coverage thru them was to costly. To date he never heard one word more from Progressive regarding the incident. He even went Progressives website and check the status of both claims and they always said settled/closed. | Then several days ago he gets this total BS letter from afni saying that the are representing Progressive regarding a loss for $3755.46 ( that was the amount of the other drivers claim, my sons claim was around $3600 ) and the incident indicates my son is liable. Then it goes on to say if my son was insured at the time of the accident he needs to provide them with that information. Duh…he was insured, insured by Progressive !! . Then some simpleton line about how it’s bring reported to the Department of Transportation ( like a federal agency cares, if anything it would be reported to your local DMV ) and then it goes on to state failure to comply will result in suspension of driving or registration privileges by, and get this, The Secretary of State….I really think Hillary Clinton is a little to busy to be worrying about people’s driving privileges. | Apparently they just skim thru insurance records and when something looks like a hit and run or uninsured motorist they jump on it and try to collect on it. What the big brains failed to do was cross reference and see that both parties were insured by the same company and that company,Progressive settled both claims and walked away. | if you google afni it’s unreal all the scam,rip-off etc cases and sites that come up. Apparently they walk a very fine line on being legit. They have over 400 complaints registered about them with the BBB not to mention the U.S. Post Office for mail fraud along with the Attorney General . | They work on the pretense that they hope they scare you just enough and your just dumb enough to start paying them or even call them and argue about it. Once you do that your then on the hook and they can ruin your credit. What you need to do is within 30 days formally dispute the debit under the Fair Debit Collections Practices Act. | My son has already done that and requested all information and evidence that would support their claim he owes this money. He also filed a mail fraud report with the U.S. Postal Inspectors office and the Attorney Generals office in the state the company is located. Our attorney is waiting to see what if anything afni sends to validate their claim before he proceeds. | if you receive a letter like this saying they are trying to collect for ( fill in the blank ) insurance company for money you owe on a claim that was paid do yourself a favor and call the insurance company to see if in fact they are attempting to collect this money from you and if they did indeed hire afni to do said collection. I think you’ll be surprised when you hear what they have to say. | i wish some agency would step in and shut their doors or hit them with some steep fines. Or better yet someone sue them right out of business. |

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