Afni Subrogation Department Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Afni Subrogation Department at on 10-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Afni Subrogation Department
  • Address: 1310 Martin Luther King Drive P.O.Box 3068
  • City: Bloominmgton
  • State: Afghanistan
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8662341738
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Afni Subrogation Department published at on 10-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

October 31, 2013 I was told by a friend that I need to go to the Police Department because Jackie Bray and David Redix SR had falsely accuse me of victimized their vehicles. Approximately 3:30pm I went to the Pine Bluff Police Department to see if I was falsely accuse. I spoke with Detective Terry; I ask him could he check to see if my name was mention in a police report. He ask me what was the person name, I said Jackie Bray and David Redix. Detective Terry pulled up a report with my name mention in it. I ask Detective Terry to Check Miss. Bray history because I hard on the street that she does insurance frauds. Detective Terry checks her history and stop on vehicle number 4. One of the vehicles he called out had similar verbiage scratched on it, like the vehicle that was scratched in October 2013. Detective Terry told me that the detective that was working the case was off. He takes my name and number down, and said he would forward the information to detective Oswalt. | November 8, 2013 approximately 3:30pm I went back to Pine Bluff police department to see what was going on because I haven’t heard from anyone. I spoke with Detective Terry again; he called Detective Oswalt in the office and explains to him what he had done on October 31, 2013. Detective Oswalt stated that whoever victimized their vehicles try to make it look like a woman did it. Detective Oswalt stated that he was not going any further with this case. | December 13, 2013 someone left a message on my house phone. I called the number back, and spoke to a gentle man name Mr. Tatekai , Mr. Tatekai stated that he was representing AA A, and trying to collected $ 5,500.41. I ask him why he is calling me? He stated that his company ASNI- Insurance is collected the money for AAA; I told him I’m not going to give him a dime because I had nothing to do with that. I told him to pull her history, and he will find everything he needs to know. | December 16, 2013 approximately 2:00pm I went back to Pine Bluff police department to speak with Detective Oswalt he was on Vacation, and wouldn’t be back to Friday. | December 20, 2013 approximately 1:30pm went back to Pine Bluff police Department, and spoke with Detective Oswalt. Detective Oswalt stated that I’m not a suspect. Detective Oswalt printed out a report, and gives it to me. Detective Oswalt give me two business cards with his information on it and said if someone need to talk with him concerning this investigation give them the card. If I need him to type up something he will.

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