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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Agisupport at on 23-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Agisupport
  • Address: 11693 San Vincente Blvd
  • City: Los Angeles, California
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (888) 355-7770
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Agisupport published at on 23-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

Adam Ginsberg promoted his eBay business Success Resources (USA, 7701 Anderson Road, Tampa, FL 33634 (888-529-7188) World’s #1 Business Seminar in September 2013. He said he will have a three days training about how to have an eBay business. He made an offered of a book he wrote and paying $29.00 qualifies you to attend the training. He said all the proceeds of his book will go towards the American Diabetes Society. | I attended the three days training three weeks after the seminar at the Minneapolis September 20, 2013 Adam Ginsberg talked about eBay in details, Template Optimizer Supreme (an application that is automated and will cause you to make money on Amazon and Click-To-Trade, he emphasis on drop shipping and he got my attention about the drop shipping) I saw the opportunity to sell thousands of products for thousands of businesses (that is what he said). At the three days training there is a representative from (Success Resources USA) and payment are made to Success Resources USA. | During the three days training, starting on the second day either Adam Ginsberg or one of his team members will come in and call each attendee to have a one-on-one meeting to talk about the businesses offered. I met with Adam Ginsberg and I said to him “If what you are sharing is true this is a great business”. The part of the business that was presented sounded great. He then asked me if I have 401K, I said no. I did not have money as I have been unemployed for a while. | I called a friend of mine and told her about this business opportunity. I explained to her that what Adam Ginsberg showed us at the training sounded good and I have to have some money down and we will pay for the rest of the package from the money we will make from the business, as Adam Ginsberg showed us two statement he said was his account for 2012 holiday season were he make over $50,000 on one of the product. He said he only sells the Amazon business before the holiday as that is the time you can make money. Adam Ginsberg made a payment plan with me for both of the businesses (Amazon and Click To Trade) that cost $19,997. According to the demonstration of the training if you purchase the product plus training by (A Coach) the trainer will help you will all the setups and all you will have to do is watch the business and do some copy and paste to change keywords. | She read her credit card information for a down payment of $5000 to be taken in two installments. $2000 on the second day and the $3000 was taken out two week later as Adam Ginsberg said that the two package price was for that weekend only. | After I made the payment of $5000 I expected the online Businesses with the Coach support so I can start the business. He emphasizes that I will need the coaching. I waited for the coaching support and when I did not receive any information from them I emailed them as there was no live phone support. I was told that I have to complete 38% of the payment before I can start the business. | I later found out that the Amazon Business which was offered for $9970 (Click To Trade) has this notice. I don’t know how they can promote a business in Minnesota that Minnesotans are eligible to do. Note: Residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina or Rhode Island are not eligible to participate in the Associates program. | Another information he did not give us was that after you purchase the businesses/eBay, Amazon, Click-To-Trade, Template Optimizer Supreme you will have to register a credit card and when you state trading money will be deducted from your card before you start making money. | In fact, he did not do any training on Click-To-Trade the $9970 package. What he showed us was his accounts occasionally as the application was running on the background on the screen. | I have emailed Success Resources USA as they collect payments for AGI, and they are the promoters of the main events they should know the products that are offered and make sure the company and product offered are good. | I have also requested cancellation from Ms. Robinson (813 961 3111) an employee with Success Resources USA who calls to collect payments for Adam Ginsberg International (AGI). She has sent AGI emails about downgrade/cancellation, but Adam Ginsberg International refuses to honor the request. | When I requested a cancellation of the purchase and after sending several emails with no positive answered. Steve an AGI Support team member wrote and called me a liar as if he was there, and told me that I will pay the money or they will take me to collection agency for something that was not given to me as promised. | My first cancellation email was sent on October 3, 2013 and this is one of the replies I receive from Steve AGI employee on October 16, 2013: | Thank you for your email. | You know this is simply not true xxxxxx – why would you make up lies like this? | Your accounts were upgraded event though you only paid 25% and the requirement is 50%. We have emails from you agreeing to pay the balance. We have emails from you requesting additional support materials that were provided. | In regards to the payee information for Amazon – ADAM SPEND ALMOST AN HOUR reviewing this process at the live workshop – this was absolutely disclosed to you and everyone else that participated in the program. BTW, in regards to the “address” – you are referring to Amazon and NOT Template Optimizer…. T.O. works in every city in every state in the world! | And to be clear – Adam’s company owns the website and the trading accounts that you get access to. His company is located in California. You are to use his California address. This is 100% compliant within the rules of ecommerce – again, please only state information that is factual as your comments are simply not true. | We appreciate you want to make a BBB complaint however we need to remind you that you signed a legal binding contract and we have – in writing from you – confirmation that you are excited about the program. Now you are threatening to report us if we don’t refund you. This is exhortion. Massive dollars have been sent creating your website, getting it approved from Google, etc. And, you know this. | No refund is due and none will be provided – simply that you need to honor your agreement… the contract with your signature on it. | Adam explained the entire program with you 1-1. He said it might not be for you at this time and you INSISTED that you do it because you wanted to do it so badly. | Let’s be honest in our communication. We still look forward to working with you. | Best of Success, | Steve | AGI SUPPORT

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