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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Ahrends Grips at Scamity.com on 11-Jun-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Ahrends Grips
  • Address: PO Box 203
  • City: Clarion
  • State: Iowa
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 515-532-3449
  • Website: http://ahrendsgripsusa.com/


Original Complaint against Ahrends Grips published at Scamity.com on 11-Jun-15 says, verbatim –

First I would like to express to anyone reading this that I am simply one young man trying to get his money back. I tried, in good faith, to work with this company to fix the issues, but, they refused. Afterwards, they kept my money and refused to refund me. Now, to be specific. | Last year, in June of 2014, I sent a check to Ahrends Grips. This check was for $96. This included shipping charge for the grips to be sent back to me. I was informed that it would be months for them to produce the grips that I had asked for. I presumed that this was because they were so successful, there was a backlog. Unfortunately, this was simply for the time to stop payment on a check would have expired. | In November of 2014, I received the grips in the mail. I put them on my revolver and they do not fit. Okay, I figured no big deal. I called them up and asked for advice on how to fit them correctly. Unfortunately, this proved unfruitful. I tried many times for this to work. After all, I had waited months for these grips to arrive. After multiple emails, I determined that these grips were not the correct one for my revolver. So, I sent an email to them, advising them that I’d be sending them back to them. And that I requested a refund. They authorized the return and I sent it back. | About a week later, I receive an email from them saying they got the grips back. I was happy to hear that and was looking forward to getting my money back. At this point, I was upset that they didn’t work, but, things happen. After a week, I sent them an email asking why I haven’t seen a check, or any form of a payment yet. I received another email saying that the company was confused: they didn’t understand how they didn’t work. I explained that I didn’t know why, just that they did not fit. We go back and forth emailing; with me trying to explain that the grips did not work and that I wanted a refund. That was it. I said to him that the product he sent me didn’t work, I want my money back. That’s it. I was civil and polite. He insulted me and accused me of lying to him. | He then claimed that the grips were damaged in transit. I have done business online for over half a decade and I’ve never seen anything damaged. Plus, this was not a porcelain vase, it was wood and a screw. In addition, I sent the item back to him in the same way and package they were sent to me. Either way, he claimed that the alleged damage was my responsibility. I told him that it was the carrier’s fault, not mine. This went back and forth and at no time did he provide any evidence that the grips had been damaged. | Through all of this, I remained polite and civil; I was trying to end this on a decent note. He refused and was rude and insulting. Eventually, he simply refused to send me the money that he had defrauded me of. | While my loss is small: around $110, it’s the principle. As of now, I have retained counsel and will be seeking a legal remedy to this. I feel this is unfortunate. I have done business with literally hundreds of people online and many off, I have never had to resort to this before. | Stay away from Ahrends Grips. These people are not legitimate business owners who made a mistake, these are criminals who defraud honest men and women out of their money. | However you wish to judge this, so be it. But, no matter what you think, the fact remains that he has his product and he has my money. He sold me a product that didn’t work and did not refund me. That’s the simple truth of the matter.

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