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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AI Squared at on 11-Aug-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: AI Squared
  • Address: P.O. Box 669
  • City: Manchester Center
  • State: Dominica
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (800) 859-0270
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AI Squared published at on 11-Aug-14 says, verbatim –

David Wu has employed Howard Davidson for more than a year. Howard J. Davidson, of Arlington, MA, DOB 5/28/60. is a socioopath who had defrauded numerous people out of money and personal information. He has many compliants online. Here are some of Davidson’s activities: | 1. Posting hundreds or thousands of fraudulent labor gigs ads on Craigslist since about 2007. Davidson seeks photos of males, and personal information for his sexual gratification. In seeking these things he deliberately wastes the time and effort of job applicants and sends them on wild goose chases to non-existent job sites. he has posted as recently as august 2014. | He asks applicants to answer progressively creepier, more personal, and more sexual questions while stalling the closure of any deal. | He appears to be sexually turned on by lying to applicants and enjoying the conversation that ensues. | He lies about properties in towns where he does not own property. | He uses numerous aliases and email addresses. | Applicants are harassed sexually as he steers conversation into homerotic wrestling scenarios and extremely creepy erotic asphyxiation, and occasionally garden variety gay sex. | Most of the ads seek movers , landscapers, etc. Davidson asks for photos to prove they are physically fit enough for the job. People need work, so they fall for the scam. Only those offering “talent gigs” should be seeking photos. It’s unheard of in the labor trades. | 2 . Posting on craigslist, oDesk, and Barefoot Student seeking to hire personnel on behalf of his employers. however davidson has never worked in HR and is not authorized to do HR work. He gathers personal data,photos of applicants for no legitimate purpose. Included: Piehehead, Inc., So Pick A Party, Dreamingcode, [email protected] In each case he posted numerous ads offering to hire people but was not working in HR. | He represents himself as hiring on behalf of these companies, but the applications are redirected to his private collection of stolen personal information. | Applicants believe they are applying to the employer. Davidson collects their information and photos. | He simultaneously works another confidence scam, by “hiring” people from these sites to do editing and writing, for which they are typically never paid. His employers are not actually involved in these gigs but the applicants believe they are, because Davison uses employer email addresses and mentions the company in posts and emails. | 3. Robbing sex workers in fee theft scheme, intertwined with the above schemes. Once in awhile a sex worker indulges him with his wrestling scenarios. That sex worker is robbed of fees. These rentboys won’t file a police report. | 4. He has hundreds of open contracts on oDesk. He habitually steals services by premeditated nonpayment. He is farming out his marketing work ( as a salaried employee and as a contractor) to people in the US and India. He then represents the work as his own. | He solicits people for free samples of work as a means of getting free work.( He has no intention of following through) | 5. Theft of money paid to him for marketing services not rendered | 6. Sexual harassment of young males at work. He’s been fired two or three times | In an email ,Spencer Branson of [email protected] said davidson was “fired for inappropriate behavior” referring to hitting on male employees 25 years younger than him. Branson has also said that it is “wrong the way howard latches onto young startups”. Davidson has gotten involved with several startups owned by people under 25 and has shilled himself as a “mentor” and “unpaid advisor”. ( a very creepy one). | 7. Sexual harrasment of oDesk service providers. on RipoffReport the writing he wanted done was davidson’s own wrestling fetish pornography, ghost written by a horrified oDesk user. The text was posted verbatim on the site when davidson refused to pay the editor.8 Lying on resumes, claiming to be employed by those who have fired him. He also claims references from people who when asked provide BAD references. | ************ | Davidson has posted numerous times in the last week trying to lure in more males by offering $500 to put him in a choke during a creepy etotic wrestling fetish encounter. These are posted on boston craigslist labor gigs, where people seek legitimate work. The users keep removing his ads yet he re-posts. Text of these ads will follow.

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