Air Breeze Heating & Air Conditioning Inc Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Air Breeze Heating & Air Conditioning Inc at on 28-Apr-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Air Breeze Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
  • Address: 6746 Yarmouth Avenue
  • City: Reseda
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 8187053271
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Air Breeze Heating & Air Conditioning Inc published at on 28-Apr-14 says, verbatim –

I would not recommend these guys to anyone. Stay away. | Do business with anyone else but Air Breeze. Plenty of good people in the Valley. | I got ripped off big time , paid a lot of money for very expensive A/C and Heater unit, cost me almsot $6,000 and to install on the roof , which was suppposed to last me for at least 15-20 years, as i was pomised. | Now , it’s lmost summer time, i am facing hot temperatures and broken 3 ton A/C unit that this guy does not want to fix. | He pished the product that he does not stand behind. i cannot afford paying another 5-6K. | He also placed photo of A+ logo for Better Business Bureau, however, he is not accredited, I checked and he has no official rating. That is illegal to use BBB logo to show higher rating than you really have. So it’s a lie too. | We waited for over 2 months, and I gave him all the chances to make it right. He did not. he does not stand behind his work or the product he sold. | The owner of this place is very difficult to talk to or deal with, he does not answer my calls , nor replied to my initial letter. I spoke with his secretary Anastasia on numerous occasions and she promised to get back to me. However, nobody did. | I asked for a refund of the service inadequately done and for the job that we paid for, that was unfinished. We paid $125 for a service call, he was supposed to fix the A/C and Heater unit , that he sold to us in the first place, the unit that was supposed to last for many years to come. | We made initial call to inform the owner, LIOR, that the central A/ C unit he installed for us is not working. It is a combo Air + Heater . We informed him right away that both HEATER AND A/C are not working at all. | This was his own recommendation, the model we spent almost $6000 for , which was supposed to last for at least 12-15 yrs. many years to come. He told us it’s the best thing on the market, and we trusted him. | My old unit was working since we moved in and lasted for at least 20 years. | This was more powerful and he told me had copper piping that would last for a long time. So what happened ? I am very disappointed. Professional, who deal with these very day, should know which models are better. He advertised this model quite heavily and I was finally convinced. I’m no fool. I shopped around, I called 3-4 other companies and got estimates. Lior pushed for this particular model, 14 seer, more expensive than others, he convinced us that this is the one to go with, not the Sears, not American Standard, he stated RUUD is the best on the market today. Made in USA. What a disappointment. Perhaps he gets kick back from them. | But now he washed his hands and says the warranty expired, we have to pay for a new one. He does not stand behind his product that he sells . You can’t trust these guys, i’m telling you, folks, run away…. |

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