Air Factor Heating and Cooling Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Air Factor Heating and Cooling at on 21-Apr-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Air Factor Heating and Cooling
  • Address: 1048 S Sirrine
  • City: Mesa
  • State: American Samoa
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 4803780222
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Air Factor Heating and Cooling published at on 21-Apr-14 says, verbatim –

On October 3rd, 2013 Air Factor Cooling & Heating tried to extort money from my family! Their so called Service Technician, came to my home (Only my 78yr old mother was home at the time they arrived), and immediately told my mother that our AC did not work. Then my mother turn the system on, and it was blowing cold air like it has in the past. The Service Technician then went on the roof and pulled apart our system, and then came back down (I arrived at this time) and told me that because there was no condensation line hooked up and some sludge in the pan and a wire that was going to be exposed in the future, the system now does not work, and I would have to pay $200 to $800 to getting it running again. I told the Service Technician that this seemed like extortion to me, as the system was working prior and that my mother showed him it worked. He then actually stated that yes it did, but since i took it apart, its not going to work unless i agree to pay them money. I asked the Service Technician if he was threatening me in my own home, and he got up and walked out and said have a nice day. I then called the office, and they said they would investigate it and call me back (They never called). I went outside, and the Technician came off the roof and stated that i talked to my boss, and he made me check to make sure i did not cause this, but i did cause the issue. I scrapped my screwdriver along a part when taking your system apart and caused it not to work. I have gerry rigged it to work, but when you shut it off and back on its not going to work again. I then took a picture of the Technicians license plate to prove he was there. I later called the company and let them know that the Technician admitted that he caused the damage and if it does not work, they will need to repair the damage the Technician cause, as it was working when he got here. The Owner bill got mad at me stating that i did not get any upgrades the last time they were here so they were not going to do anything. Not realizing the reason i agreed to have them here in the first place was the excellent service i received on the first visit where his Technician stated my system was fine and should last for years. When i told the owner that i think his company has a responsibility to repair what his Technician stated he broke, he hung up on me. I then called Phoenix Police (Report# 3013-01764773). When the officers came out, they stated this is a common practice for these companies to do and make sure that you are using one of the bigger companies so you don’t get this type of crooks that try to extort money from you. If my system fails due to being admit-tingly by their Technician, i will continue to keep everyone updated, as i will sue them in court to hopefully stop them from doing this to you. I will also continue to post this across all Social Media until as such time the make this situation right!

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