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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against AirAsia at on 03-Mar-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: AirAsia
  • Address: LCCT Terminal, Jalan KLIA S3,
  • City: Sepang, Selangor
  • State:
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Phone: 60.38660431
  • Website:


Original Complaint against AirAsia published at on 03-Mar-15 says, verbatim –

Unprofessional, cancelled flights with no communication, no accommodations, no refunds and forget about any professionalism. They will not respond to you and they don’t even have an American call center. Don’t waste your time or your money. | Oh do I have a story for you… | My boyfriend and I arrived at the TAG airport in Bohol, Philippines at 8am for our flight to MNL Manila, the capital, at 9:35am on December 28th, 2014. We were told upon arrival that the plane had a flat tire and we would need to either rebook or wait for it to be fixed. All agents said it should be fixed today as they were flying in a new tire to the airport. At 12pm, Agent Jude Ann O. Hewe said the tire would arrive at 1pm, we would board at 2pm and arrive in MNL at 3pm. The tire arrived late at 3pm. We waited again, Agents telling us the flight would take off today. The flown in airplane had forgotten a lift to take the flat tire off the plane and put a new one on… Again, we waited. At 5:30 the airport closed. Now, at this point, there is an airport filled with angry flight passengers. Agents did not know how to handle the situation and they had horrible communication. No one stepped up to explain to passengers what was going on or what could be done to help us. Agents struggled to find accommodation, “All local places are booked.” we were told, and instead we were offered compensation of 500php each to find our own accommodation (that’s a little more than our tuktuk drive to a hotel would have cost us…). At this point, the crowd was so angry, people were shouting and yelling. I spoke with Agent Judy and suggested making an announcement. So then I turned around, addressed the entire airport and organized the passengers. “They can not guarantee accommodation for us so you have two choices; you can move to the right over here where you will form a line and wait and hope they will find you a place to stay or you can line up on the left and they will give each passenger 500php each to find their own accommodation for the night.” At this point, people began moving into separate lines. For the 500php each passenger needed to fill out a release slip but it was taking so long as there was only one agent working on this process. I got behind the desk, asked the agent to show me what to do and I ended up filling out paper after paper to get passengers organized and out of the airport. We worked as a team. At this point it was now 7:30pm, Agents Jude Ann O. Hewe (143-2014) and Judy C. Sarabia (134-2014) then told us and other passengers that we should return tomorrow morning at 7am. If the tire is fixed we will depart as soon as possible but a takeoff time was still undermined. Again, take off time was still undetermined but we would have priority. My boyfriend and I took our 1,000php and had to find our own transportation and accommodation for the night. | The following morning, we arrived at the airport at 7am sharp, as directed by the Air Asia staff. We were told upon arrival that the plane had already departed around 6:45am! After speaking with the site manager, we have a signed document showing the cancelled flight, the 6:45am flight and his signature confirming that his agents mis-advised us. We also have a list of many other passengers that were told the same information, witnessed the entire situation and also arrived at 6:30am and later and were not accommodated on the flight. This is unacceptable. We had a connecting flight that night, December 28th, also through Air Asia at 6:30pm. We missed that flight as well. We spent a total of two days in two different airports and missed two days of our holiday. My birthday was the following day and I spent it traveling due to this completely ridiculous situation. On the AirAsia site it very clearly states that all flights with over 3 hours of delay are refunded. We have now filled out THREE refund forms, we have received no communication and no refund. It has now been over two months. We expect a full refund for both flights that we missed and we expect a refund of our checked baggage fees. The refund forms have not been responded to “within 5 business days” as their company claims to handle refunds and their Facebook agents also did not follow through on their promises to handle this matter. There is no American hotline number to call and lines in Asia do not help at all. Our patience is up. We have been more than lenient and understanding. This has been the most unprofessional situation I have experienced with an airline company. We will never fly AirAsia again. |

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